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The Meaning of Baby Crying

>> Jun 5, 2009

At a glance, the baby crying just looks the same. However, there are various possibilities that would be expressed by the baby through his cry such as feeling tired, hungry or in pain. Each has its own characteristics. According to the experts, there are certain signs in the body of baby that we can see when he's crying.

You can see the signs below:
  • Brow. When a baby wrinkles his brow so that the wrinkled lines appear on the brow or around the eyes, the experts said that it is a sign that he is feeling sick or in pain. When the pain is severe, the wrinkle on his brow will appear deeper and the skin will look grayish.
  • Eyes. When a baby is in pain, the baby’s eyes likely will be only partially closed. Usually around the eyes appear more wrinkled lines. It’s also depends on the degree of the pain. When the pain is extraordinary, his eyes will tightly closed although he isn’t sleeping. These closing eyes make the baby eyelids blinking.
  • Mouth. The deep wrinkled lines around the baby mouth with the tightly closed lips at the same time is a sign of pain. When the pain is extraordinary, the baby mouth will open unusually.
  • Arms and legs. When not feeling comfortable, a baby will loosen his arms and legs and then tighten it. However, if the baby feels sick, his arms and legs will look more stiff. The baby will also pull both knees toward the body. When the pain is more severe, the body will appear tense, the knees will be straight and both arms stiffly near the body.
  • Fingers. Baby's hands will close or knead strongly if he doesn’t feel comfortable. When the pain is severe, immediately the fingers will wide open stiffly. When the pain becomes extraordinary, all fingers will knead with the thumbs inside.
  • Toes. When feeling a little sick, a baby will bend his toes strongly. However, if the pain is more severe, his leg will stiff and lead to the bottom. When the pain becomes extraordinary, his thumb will pull out far from other toes.

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