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For Couples: How to Manage Your Finance in Harmony

>> Jan 16, 2010

Every married couple realizes that finance problem, whether involves small or big amount of money, can become the cause of quarrelling in your relationship. Finance problem itself usually happens if there is lack of communication and cooperation between couples.

In this post, I’ll mention several tips how to manage your finance in harmony. Here they are:

Organize your finance things.You have to create a finance management system which can work for both. All documents that related to finance transaction such as chequebooks, receipts and others should be compiled in one place. All things that related to ‘to be paid’ file (payments of credit cards, car, insurances, monthly mortgage, etc) should be also placed in the same place. You can use a help of finance consultant if you need their advice to manage your expenses.

Write down your finance information in detail.
It will ease you both if you have detailed finance information.

Arrange a schedule of regular finance meetings.
Take your
time to sit down together with your spouse and then discussing your financial condition. Do it regularly.

What can you discuss in every finance meeting with your spouse?

  • Manage all finance information’s which have term limit payments. Organize them based on its amount and due date in an easy-to-read format.

  • Analyze your expenses together. Compare your monthly income with your monthly expenses.
  • Find solutions on every problem or find ways to increase your earnings. The point is, face and solve your problem together.

  • The truly aim of this finance meeting is to make you both as a good and strong team.
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