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Romance in a Marriage Life

>> Jan 25, 2010

How’s your relationship with your husband/wife? Is romantic things expressed by kisses, touches and hugs still there?

Romantic love usually only happened at the time of couple are interested each other. Both feeling cannot live without its couple and always wish to be together. This kind of love will end after a few moments. Entering marriage life, romantic love usually will fade. The fading romantic love can result the value friction, your couple become part that is felt no longer need special attention.

This value friction usually happens since 5-10 years of marriage. Even wife position at home can shift into the part of household appliances that must be there at home to arrange daily life.

Actually married couple needn't maintain this romantic love, but you must avoid the loss of meaning of wife/husband attendance as individual that requiring love and attention truly happen. It can be source of physically illness; because the wife and husband can feel depressed, lonely, and sadness.

Why wives are more often become victims of less romance in their marriage lifes? Women usually spend more time at home, while husbands have association and career outside, so that they don’t irritate much with separate relationship with wives. Husbands also sometimes unconscious with this problem, because they feel that they have already worked to make a living for family. They feel their responsibilities as husbands have fulfilled with giving enough material things to their family.

I myself don’t want this situation really happens to me. I don’t want my husband neglects and only assumes me as a complement of household appliances. Like wise, you shouldn’t assume your husband only as a money searcher machine.

In order to avoid these situation happen, romance in certain rate has to be maintained in building harmony of a marriage. Romance here is interpreted as an effort to maintain caring and sensitivity to individual aspect of each couple.

Husband and wife should realize that each couple has basic human need to be loved and to get attention. Only material needs aren’t enough. The complete human need the attendance beside his/her couple is affected and appreciated; she/he isn’t only a wage earner, a house keeper or a house complement.

Brighten your marriage with warm and full of affection relationship. Fill your marriage life daily with smiles, laughs, eyes sights, kisses, touches, hugs and attention. Have a happy marriage life, everyone…

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