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Teachergive Sale 2023

My Horta Grass Doll

>> Jan 18, 2010

This post isn’t a paid one. I write this because I appreciate the ideas. The creators are the college students of Bogor Agriculture Institute (the same college with me). Horta grass doll is actually a plant media that packaged in various doll forms.

There are several horta doll forms such as horta head cup, panda bear, turtle, cow, frog, pig, cat and monkey. If you’re spraying water (just a little) to the doll every day, the grass -which seeds have planted on one part of doll’s body surface- will grow. The growth speed of the grass is so fast; and it’s so fun to watch the addition of grass length every day. Only in two days, grass length can increase until three times.

Horta dolls can become new alternatives of educative, creative and imaginative dolls for
children. Your child can play and also learn. Like I do, your child will love watching the growing grass. You can ask your child to measure the grass length several times per day. You can also teach your child a responsibility. By giving her/ him a task to spray water on its horta doll body every day, you have already given a good lesson to care something. If the grass has grown too long, your child can cut and form the grass according to your child’s desire and style.

Despite its positive aims, I noticed that there aren’t yet standard shapes in all products. I still see doll cat head shapes are different one another. I don’t know how the doll is built; hope they can fix it; because the standardization is related to quality maintenance. One more thing, I also think that they should increase doll’s appearance to look more attractive. Applying more colors with waterproof paint might be able to brighten the doll’s looks.

You can also place these dolls to decorate your home. I place my horta doll on my computer table. While I’m using the computer, I can see its cute face and touch the grass…

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