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Teachergive Sale 2023

Ezy Roller : Your Active Child will Love it!

>> Jan 9, 2010

I found this site and I love to share it with you. This cool site offers unique and personalized gifts for your whole family. I think everyone always loves being given a unique and personalized gift; because it shows your affection and special attention.

This site actually offers lots of things; but I’ll share here my three favorites. Have you ever heard about Ezy Roller before? If your child is an active child who likes outdoor activities, I am so sure that he/she will love this Ezy Roller!

You might ask, what is Ezy Roller? Ezy Roller is a chart without pedals, a chain or batteries, and it has three wheels. Ezy Roller glides forward by moving your feet. If your child’s age is between 3-14 years old, Ezy Roller could be a perfect toy for her/him. It’s different with rollerblades; Ezy Roller has a handbrake built in and the top speed is about 12 mph. You should not be worried about the product safety; Ezy Roller is a product with high quality design. There is also Ezy Roller Junior, which is suitable for younger children (aged 2-4). It glides forward by moving left and right hands. This fun chart will help your child to develop his/her strong hands and feet, right?
Well, let me move to my other two favorites: personalized pillowcases and nap mats. You will amaze with their collection; so cute, qualified and colorful! All these bright and fun pillows are available in 100% chenille fabrics. One more thing that I most like is, you can personalize your pillows (and also your nap mat) with large bright embroidery. It sounds good, does it? I am pretty sure that you will have a nice sleep with these pillows…

Their nap mats are perfect for your younger child and toddlers. It has several product excellences. The nap mat is attached with a soft fleece blanket and it also has a removable foam pillow. Your child will feel comfortable using this. Moreover, it’s easy for you to clean it; you can just wash it with your washing machine.

In this post I’ve shared my three favorite products, now I invite you to visit Posylane to check all of them by yourselves…

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