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Couple’s Corner : Can You Read My Mind?

>> Jan 2, 2010

Do couples have the ability to read each other mind? I don’t know for sure about this before. Because of my curiosity, I browsed to find more information.

Daniel Siegel, a psychiatrist from UCLA, assumed that a mind reading ability as an ability to make a perception of other’s mind by interpreting the given clues (consciously or not). He named it mindsight, or an ability of brain to make a map of other’s mental condition. William Ickes from University of Texas gave the other concept; he mentioned it as Empathic Accuracy, an ability to feel precisely what other feels.

Every one actually has this ability, include children. It isn’t easy to read other’s mind. The accuracy rate of mind reading between best friends or couples is about only 35%, but they said that the ability can be trained more.

How is the process of mind reading? There are two approaches that complement each other: the help of our five senses and human ability to catch the emotional frequency of a person nearby.

Though the studies said that the accuracy rate of mind reading between couples is only about 35 %, I realize that I truly experienced it. As a couple, of course, we have a close relationship and a strong emotional bond. Having known well my hubby’s characters, personalities and preferences, when we face any situation, I sometimes can guess correctly what his reaction will be, what he’s thinking about and what he’s going to say. It happens vice versa.
But still he can’t read my mind and I also can’t read his completely. That’s why misunderstandings still happen in our relationship. That’s why we apply open communication. If we can read mind one another accurately, we can seldom talk, hehehe…

But I believe that the same frequency of our emotion (or whatever else) connects us. This situation happens to us often: He’s outside (at his workplace or other place), and suddenly I’m thinking about him. Commonly, a few minute later, he calls me and says, “Hay, what’s up? I suddenly remember you…”

This is my story, if you want to know other’s story about this interesting topic, you can click the badge above.

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