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Couple’s Corner: Most Irritating/Annoying Habits for Both

>> Jan 8, 2010

In my opinion, this week’s topic of Couple’s Corner is a funny one. If you have chosen one man as your partner in a marriage bond, you should be able to accept all his annoying habits. The funny part is, no matter how angry you are because of it, you still love your husband…

As a
couple, we aren’t perfect. Well, no body’s perfect, right? I’m not perfect, neither does my hubby. Each of us has annoying habits; but I don’t want to mention my bad habits here, hehehe. In this post, I’ll mention some of his habits that irritate me much, but as I said before, it won’t decrease my love to my hubby
  • I really hate his smoking habit! You might ask why I got married with a smoker then. What I can say, love isn’t a logical thing, right? Until now, he still can’t stop this habit, but while he’s smoking, I don’t want nearing him.
  • Having taken a bath, he always put his wet towel on the bed.
  • Having cooked in a kitchen, he always left a kitchen in a mess and let me do the cleaning by myself.
  • He annoys me often with his silly acts. When I’m in a bath room, he likes to put off the light. When we’re watching a scary movie, he likes to make me surprise with dropping something to floor. When I’m writing an article for my blogs, he likes to annoy me with asking many silly questions, etc.
He actually has other annoying habits, but I’m afraid this post will be too long, hehehe. If you want to read other’s funny annoying habits, visit the site by clicking the CC badge above.

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