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Couple’s Corner : How Well do We Know Each Other?

>> Jan 21, 2010

Being together for more than seven years, make me knows my hubby well enough. I can’t say that I’ve known him very well; because sometimes I’m still questioning what he desires. Getting married with someone also means you have been ready to have a new life. Your life isn’t the same anymore…

Married couple should think as a team, should think as ‘we’. In workplace, a team can work well, if members of the team recognize each other. Likewise in a marriage life, you should try to know your spouse more. If you have no intention at all to recognize your spouse, you must ask yourself what’s the purpose of your

Until now, I still try to know my hubby more and more. I’ll write a little bit here about him.
He likes to have breakfast in bed; and a cup of coffee is a must. He prefers breads for breakfast. He actually likes his coffee sweet, but I try to decrease his sugar intake. He likes hot chili spicy food. He likes his chicken noodle without gravy and ketchup on it. He likes his french fries with chili sauce and pepper.

He likes action movies, especially Steven Seagal and Jet Lee. He is a vespa fan. He likes to drive. He likes bargaining in a flea market. He likes to sleep (on his holidays). He doesn’t like if I don’t answer his question quickly. He doesn’t like if I don’t stare at him every time he talks. He can do every kind of household tasks, except ironing clothes (he hates it).

He’s a
sentimental person with a soft heart; he can cry when watching sad things. He’s too lazy to read newspapers every morning; he prefers to watch TV news programs. He often talks when he’s sleeping, and he can have several dreams in just one night. He’s so funny; he can impersonate other person like a comedian. He’s a caring and full of affection person; but don’t you dare to break his trust.

Well, it’s just a brief of things about my
hubby. If you want to know more stories, click the CC badge above.

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