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The Right Glass Nail File for Your Nail Care

>> Aug 1, 2012

You shouldn’t ignore your nails, though many people seem to pay attention more to hair care and skin care. Don’t you realize that your nail appearance can tell your personality? Healthy, clean and neat nails will show that you are concern on your health and beauty. Good looking nails will complement your totally performance.


Dirty and ugly nails will only make you get the mistaken impression. If you want to hire a baby sitter and it turns out that she has dirty nails –of course- you can’t trust her to look after your baby!


How do you like your nail look? I’m amazed with today’s nail art. The trends of nail shape may come and go, but my favorite nail shape is still round and rather short. It’s the most practical shape for me, as I have to do household chores every day.  I also choose not to put on nail polish and to keep the natural look.  


What’s your most wanted nail shape anyway? Square, round, oval or pointed? I usually shape my nails at home by myself, since I don’t have enough time to take a manicure treatment at a salon. Moreover, if you want to get the best service from a manicure expert, the price will be costly.


Actually, to shape your nails, all you need is only a good quality nail file. You can use a proper nail file to obtain the shape you want. Filing your nails regularly is a fine way of nail care to remove any flake and irregular edges that result from broken nails. To keep away from tearing your nails, file your nails in just one direction. A good quality nail file is a must!


To know the right nail file for your nails, you can read first lots of reviews and statements from the real users. I’ve read some of the comments and all of them suggested trying Mont Bleu glass nail file that you can get online at design-glassware.com. Compared to the traditional nail files –emery and metal ones- the glass nail file that created from Czech tempered glass has softer surface to reshape  your nails smoothly and easily. If you’re not careful enough, the traditional nail files may peel your nails off! The glass nail file surely eases your nail shaping job.


There’s no one doubt the beauty of Mont Bleu glass nail file collection. You can find the engraved, the hand-painted and the Swarovski crystals hand-decorated glass nail files; they all look like wonderful artworks. But the most important is; glass nail file offers more advantages such as it’s easy to clean and durable. You can have and use it for a long time, as long as you keep and store it well in its protective case. The glass nail file can break, so handle it with care.


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