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Detect Autism in Children with Cartoon Movie

>> Jul 4, 2014


If identified early; autism in children can actually be solved more effectively. According to research at Yale University, England, autism can be diagnosed sooner by looking at the toddler’s response while watching animated or cartoon movies.

Normally, toddlers are very pleased to see moving pictures in cartoons and will focus attention on every movement. But it doesn’t happen with the autistic toddlers. They ignored the movement in the cartoons.

Identification of autism with this cartoon made
​​to 56 toddlers. The results showed that 21 toddlers diagnosed with autistic-spectrum disorder tend not to focus on the animation shown on two different screens.

Dr. Ami Klin, a researcher from the Yale Child Study Center, said that knowing the early symptoms of autism is very important because the therapy can be administered more quickly and precisely.

I think using cartoon movies is an easy way for parents to detect autism in your child. If you see something’s wrong, you can consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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Staff Administrator July 4, 2014 at 8:46 PM  

ternyata lewat tayangan dari film kartun bisa mendeteksi jenis penyakit ini ya mbak...
jadi dapat wawasan baru nih mbak :)

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