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Say Good Bye to Cigarettes

>> Jul 15, 2014

Are you a smoker who will become a mother? Well, it means that your less healthy lifestyle over the years including smoking should be abandoned. These following tips can help you throwing away the habit of smoking.

1.Asking  people not to smoke around you.
No need to hesitate to ask the closest people not smoking front of you. By minimizing or eliminating triggers in front of your eyes, you will make it easier to suppress the desire to smoke. To get support, you can join those who successfully stop smoking. You can follow and apply their experiences and tips.

2.Hide all smoking accessories.
Keep away objects that remind you on smoking. For example, a collection of lighters, ashtrays, cigarette case and of course cigarettes. Do it also at your daily activities, such as office desk and car.

3.Change smoking habit.
Look for other routine activities that minimize your chances of smoking as a friend. When you have to queue up in front of the cashier, bring gadget to distract your mind and reduce boredom, and you may also chew cigarette substitutes.

The basis of hypnotherapy is to remove the negative programs in the mind. With hypnotherapy, the desire to smoke program will be removed and replaced with another program. You will be trained to use the power of your own mind to resist the urge to smoke.

5.Use nicotine patch.
You can also use a nicotine patch shaped like a sticker. Simply attached to the surface of the skin for 24 hours straight. This therapy on average takes about 2-3 weeks. Nicotine patches contain nicotine which is released into the body through the skin and blood vessels to meet the body's needs. But gradually reduced, until finally your body no longer wants nicotine.

6.Acupuncture or finger pressure therapy.
There are certain nerve points on the head and chest that sends stimuli to the brain function so that the body wants nicotine continuously. By pressing these points, the body's craving for nicotine is lost. In acupuncture, the points are pressed with a needle and in finger-pressure therapy with fingers. Acupuncture therapy is typically done 2 times a week, as much as 5-6 times.
7.Laser therapy.
Laser therapy uses infrared rays that are directed at a single point in the ear. The goal is to put off the nerve that sends the largest stimulation to trigger the body's wish to get nicotine. Therapy is usually done 3-5 times, irradiation time for about 30 minutes.

So, say good bye to cigarettes since the fetal health in your womb is a top priority

2 komentar:

Blogs Of Hariyanto July 15, 2014 at 6:00 PM  

hypnotherapy mungkin bisa membantu menghentikan kecanduan akan rokok..tapi tanpa kemauan yang kuat dari diri sendiri..akan sulit melakukannya,,meskipun sudah mencapai kedalamn yang terdalam saat menjalan hypnotherapy...
keep happy blogging always..salam dari Makassar :-)

Staff Administrator July 15, 2014 at 7:24 PM  

kasihan buat janin dan bayinya nanti ya mbak.... karena ndak bisa membayakangkan jadinya nanti anaknnya bakal mendapatkan dampak buruk dari nikotinnya...
great tips :)

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