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Talking with Your Toddler about Your Pregnancy

>> Jul 22, 2014


Younger kids can’t keep a secret. If you don’t want your early trimester of pregnancy known to many people, wait until your womb enlarged. There is also a good idea to wait after your stomach is rather large due to the naked eye, your kid will be able to see the relationship between your belly fat with a baby in it.

Don’t be afraid to talk with toddler about the pregnancy. Let your child guide you as you prepare the answer. Face the child's questions with ease. Go with your instincts. Some of these things you can do:

1.Asking back
When your toddler asks what is pregnant, asking back to him, according to what he knows about pregnancy. Maybe your child will say: mother ate nuts, and pregnant.
2.Let the child ask anything, because you will know how big his curiosity is. For children, pregnancy is a mystery. Explain briefly, not complicated.
3.Keep expressing your love.
Frequently asking questions about babies can make your child feel threatened because he feels there will be another baby besides him. Say that you love him the same as you love the baby to be born. Explain, too, that the baby will love him as well.
4.Giving straight answer about the condition of your body. Use the appropriate term for the part of your body. Describe also when your body feels bad because queasy. Don’t use a difficult term, such as "mom’s nausea due to hormonal changes. Hormone levels in the blood to rise so ... bla bla bla."
5.Share your pregnancy progresses. Tell your kid about the size progress of unborn baby at certain weeks. How the shape of fetus body inside, your child also want to know.

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Staff Administrator July 22, 2014 at 8:55 PM  

info yang tentunya sangat di suka buat kaum ibu ya mbak Lin :)

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