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What is in Your Stomach, Mom?

>> Jul 17, 2014

Mom’s fat belly makes your toddler wondering.  Your information about the coming sister or brother may make your child very happy. The bigger mom’s belly, the larger the question mark in the mind of your kid. She also compared her fat tummy with mom’s fat belly.
Unable to answer her own question, she begins to wonder about the pregnancy. If a child asks, it’s a sign that she is ready to receive an answer. Don’t panic and don’t need to deflect questions of children. The question is simple; the answer is no need to be complicated. Come on mom, you can try answering your kid’s questions about pregnancy. Here are some examples of toddler's questions about pregnancy for your reference:

1.How baby goes into stomach?
Answer: "When your dad and mom were married, it’s the sign that we’re ready to have children. God put the baby in a place in mom’s body."

Don’t call uterus as stomach. Let's just say there is a place to grow a baby that is only owned by women. The stomach word refers to the digestive so that it may confuse a child because she would think, the baby in mom’s stomach crammed with rice, vegetables, and grilled chicken :)

2.If my tummy is fat, is there a baby in it?
Answer: "No. Baby can’t grow in child’s body because the baby will grow up bigger. Children's bodies are not strong carrying a baby, and a special place in children's bodies could not hold the baby."

Most children understand by looking. Compare your big tummy with your kid's body. Ask her, is it possible for the baby to be in her body?

3.How long baby stays in mom’s body?
Answer: "Long enough since the baby has to grow bigger. The baby will have strong head, arms, and legs."

Children are difficult to comprehend the length of time until the baby is born. Giving answer the period length of 9 months 10 days will be worthless as she did not understand. Just confident in your instincts and you will get the right answer.

4.How the baby goes out?
You can just show the way for the release of the baby -depends on the age of your child and how your child acknowledges her
​​organs. Be careful as every answer could lead to further questions.

Answer: "God provides the aisle at mom's body to be passed through when the baby is born. The doctor will help the baby out of mom’s body."
If you previously gave birth with a cesarean method, you can show the baby-birth way when she was born. Don’t tell the pain that you were experiencing after the surgery.

5.Why mother frequently visits the doctor?
Answer: "Mom and dad have to make sure the baby in mom’s body is healthy. Doctor has the equipment to see the baby in mom's body, as you’ve ever seen. It’s the doctor who later will help mom delivering the baby.  So the doctor has to know the condition of the baby in mom's body."

6.If I speak loudly near mom’s belly, can the baby hear my voice?
You can give a real answer, depending on the age of your unborn baby.
Answer: "The baby’s ears have grown. The baby could hear the sound of your voice and dad. Later when the baby is born, she already knows us all.”

7. Can the baby in mom’s belly cry?
Answer: "If mom happy, the baby in mom's body is also happy."

Emotion of fetus is highly dependent on mom’s emotion. There’s still no research about the crying fetus in the womb. But the fetus is able to feel mom’s emotions.

8.What is the baby doing?
Answer: "Playing, sleeping, staying awake, listening to music and listening to stories that mom reads for you."
The fetus in the womb also plays. Occasionally, the baby’s legs is kicking or stretching.

9.Does the baby breathe?
Answer: "The baby breathes. When mom inhales, the baby is also inhaling. "
Fetus gets oxygen from mother's body. Baby’s lungs will function alone at birth.

10.Was I also once in mom’s tummy?
Answer: "Yes. You are mom’s child, just like the baby in mom's body now. You also used to be a baby in mom’s body. "

Thus moms, when your toddlers ask, “What is in your stomach, mom?”, you will know how to answer their questions.

Data source:Ayahbunda magazine

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