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Do You Need Fitness Test before Exercise?

>> Jul 13, 2014

You want to work out for getting healthy and slim body, but instead you’ve got crushed body. Long-intensity exercise makes body more pain sometimes. If you already know in advance your body's ability through a fitness test, of course this could have been avoided.

Indeed, there aren’t many who know about fitness test. Ideally, the test performed in order to avoid any injury. Many people desire good health instantly, but that what makes body injured. Fitness test supports people to know the limits and capacity of the body during physical activity or exercise. In fact, it can relieve pain that often complained after doing exercise.

Used indicators of fitness test are test of the heart-lung, tests of strength, speed test, test muscle strength (weight lifting) and explosive muscle power tests (punching). A common and easy test for common people is the heart-lung test. Before the exercise, the heart-lung tests done to measure VO2 max (maximum oxygen volume). This test is to determine the body's ability to use oxygen during physical activity.

Oxygen is essentially needed as fuel for all physical activities such as walking, running, moving, and working. When the body is forced too often, you will be difficult to breath. It is called as a natural sign of the body which indicates a decrease in the ability of a person.

If it lets to continue without knowing how to handle, it can result in difficulty breathing or heart failure for those with a heart disease history. Simple fitness tests such as the talk test method can help you know your body's ability.

For persons who perform running exercise with light intensity, the ability limit can be seen if they can speak and sing after a run. For moderate intensity, they can still talk, but it's hard to sing after a run. Well, for the hard intensity, let alone sing after a run, even talking is too difficult to do. That's the time when the workout should be stopped. Don’t force yourself if you can’t talk and sing anymore. Increasingly forced, it may result in over training and accident-prone. Thus, identify and measure your body's maximum capacity is necessary.

3 komentar:

Staff Administrator July 13, 2014 at 8:41 PM  

udah jarang lagi ikut kontrol semacam ini mbak... hehe

tapi memang sesuatu yang dipaksakan gak membuahkan hasil yg diharapkan ya mbak :)
terima kasih untuk infonya

Asep Haryono July 14, 2014 at 12:16 PM  

Waduh tulisannya dalam Bahasa Inggris. Harus bolak balik buka kamus online nih

Penghuni 60 July 14, 2014 at 3:17 PM  

saya malah gak pernah yg namanya ikutan Fitnes :)

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