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Best Kid-Friendly Melbourne Vacations

>> Sep 18, 2014

Kids love when they have fun in places that they feel comfortable in, places that they find interesting, unique and where they too can find there play mates. Often, what amuses kids is never hard to know as you can easily notice by how much they talk about it and their reactions to surprises like going to parks, playing computer games or even just chilling out in the beach. 

You probably have taken your kids to most places, but have you ever considered reaching as far as Melbourne to give your kids what some people call 'more happiness'? 
Melbourne has numerous tourist places. From the popular cricket ground to the gardens and from zoo to the art play which kids will find amusing.

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Melbourne’s are immensely proud of this historic stadium which can contain 100k viewers at one time! It is located Yarra Park, and it is within walking distance of the city centre of Melbourne. This rich stadium was built in 1853 and many grand sports events like 1956 Olympic games, the 2006 Commonwealth Games, the first ever cricket test match were held here. They offer many tours to give visitors a chance to sit in the coach’s room, to visit the changing rooms and more. It’s a kid friendly place with numerous facilities inside, like cafes, and restaurants. Kids will definitely love this, it's perfect.

Royal Botanic Gardens
Almost two kilometres from the city centre is a place called the Royal Botanic Gardens, which are located in Bird wood Avenue. This amazing place has a natural sanctuary for wildlife. It is visited by 1.8 million visitors annually. If you are visiting this place with your family, the best part is The Children's Garden. Your child can crawl through plant tunnels, can climb on the real rocks and play hide and seek in the vast bamboo forest here. There is no wonder that with its beautiful views and soothing lakes, this place has become an asset to the Australian tourism. Numerous walks and tours are available to let you feel the horticultural diversity of this magnificent place. 

Melbourne Zoo
Located in Elliot Ave, Parkville is a wonderful place which lets you get back in touch with the many wonders of nature. This place has been a home to more than 320 animal species from Australia and around the world, like Penguins, koalas, kangaroos and many more. See kids jump, laugh, clap and smile as they watch orangutans frolicking on the tress. Many programs let you have the close encounters with kid’s friendly animals and also to meet a keeper and feed animals. 

Sea Life Aquarium
Are your kids fascinated by the life under the sea? Then Sea Life Aquarium is the place to be. This incredible place has been divided into 12 amazing zones. Watch your family transported to another world as they gasp at the rainbow colours at Seahorse, look eye to eye with huge sharks and watch majestic Penguins play, slip and slide across the snow-covered ice. This kid friendly place is located on the banks of Ybarra River. 

Art play
Located at Birrarung Marr, Batman Avenue, this creative studio gives a chance to meet some artists and to explore, imagine and create mosaics, puppetry, sculptures and cooking. They also offer art playing Backyard activities during school holidays. Kids have fun as they draw in the sand, play in the rain, imagine and create sculptures using used and natural materials. Fun Font Factory, a graphic design studio, lets them create a font out of used materials. Kids have fun as they try to make an A using straws or L using matchsticks. 

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Staff Administrator September 18, 2014 at 10:04 PM  

Kapan ya mbak Lin .. sy bisa ke sana hehe
Tapi kabarnya aquarium terbesar dan terlengkap ada di arab ya mbak :)

Pengetahuan Produk September 19, 2014 at 7:36 PM  

Idaman semua kelurga, utk bisa liburan kesana ya mbak :)

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