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How To Choose a Safe Backpack for Your Child

>> Sep 23, 2014

Why you should be careful in choosing a backpack for kid? A result of research conducted by Dr. Mary Ellen Franklin, a physical therapist and exercise physiologist at the Medical College of Georgia, stated that improper backpacks or too heavy load may affect the back and neck of children.

What could possibly happen? The body attempts to remain in a central state or in the middle between two legs. When carrying a backpack, the body will spontaneously bend forward; putting pressure on the spine that is not normal. This posture will cause the child's head forward or down. The body will perform motion compensation to hold his head so that the neck bone will be stretched; this will raise the high enough pressure on the neck bones.

Pay attention if your child complains of pain in his body, or you see any bruises or posture changes. This is a sign that his backpack is too heavy or not in accordance with the child's body size.


What can you do to avoid the possibility of injury from the backpack use? Here are some tips you need to know

1. Backpack should fit the size of a child's body. When the backpack is too big, it will hit the lower back and shoulders.
2. Consider the bag content; don’t let your child carry a too heavy load. Reduce it to weigh no more than 15% of the child's weight.
3. There are two kinds of backpacks, having internal and external frame. Internal framework is designed in such a way that almost all the burden of the child focused on the pelvis. While the backpack which has an external frame, the load will be located on the body, especially in the shoulder. External framed backpack is not really designed for a school bag. Choose a backpack with an internal frame.
4. Quality backpacks equipped with pads on the shoulders and back, and a seat belt at the waist and chest. Pads on this bag model serve to protect the child's shoulders and back.
5. Use backpack correctly. When carrying a backpack, all belts at the waist and chest mounted. At the time of usage, try a backpack attached to the child's back. If the backpack is too loose, the bag will be bounced up and down, thus increasing the risk of injury and pain.

Child's body must remain upright while carrying a backpack to school. If when carrying a backpack, you see the child's body leaning forward or to one side, then the backpack still doesn’t fit or there is a misuse.

If the backpack is still annoying the activity of children, for example, he still complains of pain, you should choose another type of school bag. School bag with wheels may be an option. But the contents of the bag is still worth noting, don’t get too heavy because it will be difficult for your child when it should be lifted.

In fact, the need to be careful in choosing a backpack is not only applicable to younger children, but also for anyone. Hopefully the tips in this article can help backpack fans to avoid the risk of injury.

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