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Television Addiction

>> Sep 10, 2014

How to prevent kids from television addiction? Many kids love to watch television shows. It is well known that kids are often accompanied more by television than their parents. Although television sometimes provide information that could increase knowledge, but unfortunately the television shows that are friendly to children is still minimal.

Many television programs are not suitable for children. Even the cartoon films that have been aired, not everything is good for them. Unfortunately in the society, there’s a tendency assumes that all cartoons suitable for kids.

Not to mention other programs using the inappropriate words. The films which are full of violence scenes, romance and so on. Kids are the best imitators. They will easily imitate what they see; whether scenes in the movie, the style of speaking or behavior of people in television. In fact, what seen most in television is not reality. Younger kids can’t see the difference, thus they require assistance during television viewing. It is necessary to explain what they see aren't real things.

Another negative impact is definitely the concern of kid’s television addiction. They can’t leave the television. More activities performed in front of the television; starts from eating, changing clothes, studying, finishing homework, and so on. Being often in front of the television is feared may effect on their health. Children become less physical activity and their socialization is also on the wane.

There are a few tips on how to avoid kid’s watching television addiction, namely:

1. Always accompany your children while watching television. If forced to leave the children in front of the television, choose channels that are suitable for children.
2. If the children are already able to communicate, invite them to make a deal. For example, how many hours they can watch television, whatever programs that they  may watch, and so on. Encourage all family members to agree and perform the deal.
3. Don’t place the television in kid’s room. Television should be placed in the living room so parents can control what programs are being viewed.
4. Give other alternative activities that your kid prefers. For example, if he likes to draw, you can buy him picture books, coloring books, new coloring pencils that make him interested in switching from television.
5. Encourage children to do physical activity together. For example: cycling, hiking, sightseeing and others. This activity allows them to meet people and learn to socialize with others.

To prevent children negatively affected by television is required hard work. Asking for television stations to switch most programs into television show that educates is certainly a difficult thing. Therefore parents should protect kids from unnecessary spectacles. How to prevent your kid becomes television addict is also influenced by how close the communication between parents and the kid. Your kids will not feel lack of affection or lack of attention if you are close to them.

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