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Why and How You should Practice Mental Fitness

>> Sep 3, 2014

There are quite a few benefits to having mental fitness. There are numerous reasons why you should practice it and the most poignant ones are mentioned on this article. There is then a run down of what you can do to improve your mental fitness.

Being able to learn quickly is highly desirable

This is the most powerful reason and is the top of the article for that reason. If you learn quickly then you get more jobs, you progress more quickly through your career and you can lead a more fulfilling life. It means you get to learn things at your own pace and means you can take up personal learning and actually get somewhere with it. It means you can become more intelligent as time goes on and can maintain your brainpower as it stands.

Slowing down your rate of learning when you do not practice

If you do not practice mental fitness and do not practice learning and keeping your mind stimulated, then you start to slow down. You start to learn slower and you are not as quick off the mark. You find yourself struggling as time goes on and things change around you. Soon you are sat alone in a chair with an iPad wondering why you can’t get parts for it anymore and asking how to charge it up using the polartraonic wall converter.

Negative thought cycles are no fun

Mental fitness is not all about learning how to learn, nor is it all about keeping your mind sharp. Part of it is about removing negative thoughts from your mind. This is not meant in a Zen hydrotherapy way. It means that we can get into the habit of self talking ourselves down. We punish ourselves too harshly for the things we do wrong and we do not appreciate the good things we have achieved. Part of mental fitness is getting back your positive side and purging yourself of these negative thought cycles.

Winding yourself into a mess you can easily avoid

This is when you do something that you could have avoided if you had simply done things right. This can be anything from sweeping up mess and not bring the bin close to the tray and walking across the room with it instead. Or, it can be thinking you are a failure so much that you set yourself up to fail. This is all your own fault and this sort of thing is easily fixable if you recognize when you are being a fool.

Go out of your way to learn more skills

Being happy with the way you are now is like being happy that your ice sculpture looks good in the sun. You need to keep learning more skills as time goes by. You need to keep learning because it will keep you mentally fit and you will feel better and less useless as time goes on.

Do all you can to maintain your skills and talents

As you learn your skills and new talents, you should brush up on them every now and again. It is good for you, it keeps your mind active, and it allows you to maintain your self esteem because you do not feel as if you are wasting part of your life.

Vary your information intake

You can try videos, try reading, try audio, and try physical learning. Learning through just one medium such as reading is very bad for you. Have another person teach you something and teach them something back. Try swapping information and skills with a child or a teenage.

Meditate or not

This is really up to you. Some people say it helps them, and some say it is all in the mind. If you want to maintain genuine mental fitness then get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is far more important than any meditation or other pseudo science.

Getting eight hours per night is a myth

Just like drinking eight glasses of water per day is a myth, so is getting eight hours per night. Get into a routine of going to bed at the same time and you will get a better night sleep. If you are tired when you wake up then you have not had enough sleep. If you are not tired then you are fine. If you wake up at 5am and you can spring out of bed then you have had enough sleep. Do not force yourself to go back and wake up at 8am because you don’t need it and will only find it harder to sleep when you go to bed that night.

Do not do the same thing too often

Any thing you do too often is going to be bad. Playing video games is fun, but do it too often and you turn weird. Also you should learn to live with an uncomfortable silence because if you cannot it means you are around visual and audio media too much.

This is a guest post by Kiara Halligan, a professional essay writer and occasional guest blogger, who coaches individuals in writing skills on a great variety of topics. Kiara is always ready to share her knowledge with her students and readers.

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nice post.... very useful for me thanks

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