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The First 28 Days after Conception

>> Sep 4, 2014


At the time of fertilization occurs in one’s body, a new life appears complete with its DNA genetic code in your womb. Eighteen days later, the baby's heart begins to beat. Precisely, within one month after conception, the fetus will develop and grow rapidly 10,000 times larger than the current size of the first fetus is formed, without you can feel the growth in your womb.

The formation of the baby's brain starts in early pregnancy until 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, and unfortunately the risk of the defects of baby’s brain and spinal cord may happen before you even realize your pregnancy, so you miss the crucial moment where you should be able to play a role in determining your baby's life in the future. Sure you don’t want your baby birth in defect condition, right?

For that, you should start taking folic acid, as early as possible. A study has been developed over the last 12 years indicated that folic acid may lower the risk of defects of the brain and spinal cord, if taken before pregnancy and during the most important pregnancy period when fetal organs are formed, the first 28 days after conception.

Why is folic acid?
Folic acid is one of the types of B vitamins and essential nutrients. It's important for women to consume folic acid before and during the first trimester of pregnancy. Research conducted in China showed that taking folic acid before pregnancy may lower the risk of having a baby with defects of the brain and spinal cord up to 80%.

Two types of birth defects that are the most dangerous and the most common are:
Anencephaly is a condition when the baby’s cranium is not perfectly formed and the damaged brain or even is not fully formed. With this condition, the baby is usually born in a state of lifeless or died shortly after birth.

Spina bifida is a not-closed tube spinal cord, causing the dysfunction of the leg and the organs in the lower abdomen, also can cause mental disabilities.

Folic acid requirement for pregnant women is 600 mcg per day. In addition to getting folic acid from food, you can also get it from supplements and dairy products containing folic acid for pregnancy. Food sources that contain folic acid include beans, citrus fruits, bananas, spinach, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, carrots, corn, eggs, cauliflower, okra, pumpkin, cereal, pasta, potatoes.

So from now on, remember that you only have 28 days from the moment of conception to determine how your baby will grow.

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