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Choosing Safe Toys for Kids

>> Sep 16, 2014

Toys are stuffs that very close to most children. Any parent who has a child will certainly buy a lot of cute, nice toys that fit the character of the child. Since toys can be one of the objects that stimulate child development, the role of parents in toy selection is very important. If choose wrongly, rather than helps the child development but will jeopardize kid’s health.

Choosing a good toy for toddlers is not necessarily expensive, but the most important is the toys must be safe. Small children generally still try to use the toys and don’t yet know the cause and effect of what is played.


Not all toys sold in the market are safe; there are times when the toy should be kept away from children because it is not safe. Moreover, today many varied toys on the market with a range of prices and types, and it is still found some toys that contain hazardous chemicals such as heavy metals like mercury, timbal, cadmium, and chromium.  For example, famous loom bands are now prohibited for its risky material.
-Choose age-appropriate toys, by checking what is written on the packaging. You must be observant to read the instructions, materials and how to play it.
-Don’t ever buy a child under-three-years-of-age, the toy contains small parts or small balls because it is very risky to be swallowed.
-Avoid sharp-edged toys, such as toy which could scratch the skin or injure a child.
-Before giving the toy to your child, a good idea to check the smell first. If there is a strong smell of vinyl, the toys may contain phthalates that already banned used for producing children's toys.
-Look for toys that are labeled BPA-free. Toys are such labeled means it does not contain the controversial or harmful chemical.
-Check also the voice and sound of the toys. When your child's toys turned out to have a loud voice, you should keep it away from your child because it may damage his hearing system.

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Not only paying attention to raw material of toys, parental control for children while and after playing is very important. Parents should not let the toys that have been assumed safe for children, always being close to the child until the night, as kids should sleep comfortably. Keep toys in the drawer, crate or container toys. Don’t let kid fall asleep while playing with toys because it may jeopardize his safety.

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