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Control Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs

>> Aug 17, 2016

One of the most difficult pests that can be found in your home is the bed bugs. If you find an uncontrollable situation, you should immediately call the professional experts. There can be some do-It-yourself tips that can be useful in controlling the bed bugs at your home.

Never Throw The Entire Bed:  You are not required to throw away your bedding or bed entirely to get rid of the bed bugs. It can be an expensive affair and when you are placing new mattress, it can even get re-infested. The amount of money you are spending for replacing the entire bedding can be channelized in other way, by calling the professional experts.

Choose Safe Place For Sleep: Try creating a safe place for sleeping by killing the bed bugs. The pest control professionals can clean up the bed frame or the headboard and can make you comfortable while sleeping. Try to keep your bed at an isolated place in your home. When you are not using the bed, you must keep your mattress isolated from the floor and use bed frames. The pesticides or the exterminator can be used in all the feet of the bed frames to get rid of this dangerous pest. Choosing an exterminator can be difficult for you and you can definitely take help from the experts.

Identify The Affected Rooms:  Though bedrooms are the prime locations for bed bugs, other rooms can also get affected. You need to identify all the rooms which are being affected by the bed bugs. Sometimes, the sofa beds or the sofa sets in the living room can be the sites for the bugs. Usually the infestation starts from a single room and spreads fast throughout the house. As soon as you can identify the source of the bugs ,  you can control them in the right manner. When you are waiting very long, your entire home can be affected by the bugs.

Select Sprays Wisely:  The insecticides are not magic sprays. You need to use them carefully to get the best results. The bugs can only be killed if they are used directly at their hiding places.

Treat Other Areas Well:  After the identification of the affected areas, you need to treat other areas as well. You must separate the rooms by placing the treated and the untreated furniture separately. This step is very essential because when you are keeping both the items in the same place, it can so happen that the bugs can be affected on the untreated items. All the outlets, blinds, wall pictures, wall clocks, under carpets, baseboards must be treated nicely. Vacuum cleaners can be used in the cleaning process, but they do not remove the eggs of the bugs. Try separating the bagged items and wash them in warm water for 30 minutes or so. If you find low value furniture which is very difficult to treat, try to discard them.

Monitor Your Success :  Try to keep track of your success while controlling the bugs at your home. You can place the interceptor cups under the bed posts for monitoring. Check the cups everyday and empty them up in the trash bag or the soap water bucket. You can also observe the number of bugs you are catching in a week. Make sure you are cleaning the interceptors by wiping them properly.

When you are using the pesticides inside your home, you must be extra cautious. Keep away your children, pets and yourself from the harmful sprays. You must follow the safety instructions before using them in indoors. If you fail to follow them, you may harm yourself and your family.

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