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Teachergive Sale 2023

Fun Facts: Benefits from the sun

>> Aug 3, 2016

Solar power in the Philippines surely has numerous advantages and benefits to any person. Studies have shown and proven that we need vitamin D which we get from the power of the sun as it helps keeps out bones healthy and protects us form chronic diseases in our later lives. It only requires us to go out under the sunlight for about 5-15 minutes in at least 3 times per week to enhance our vitamin D levels. Interesting right? Get to know other benefits by reading this article.

Courtesy: www.kilden.info

  • Lowers cholesterol – the sun can lower high cholesterol and turn it into steroid and sex hormones required for reproduction
  • Increases oxygen in the blood – getting sunlight increases the capability of one’s body to deliver oxygen to the tissues which may be related to the effect of exercising as sun greatly contributes on muscular development and stamina of a person
  • Builds the immune system – white blood cells may develop overtime once exposed properly to the sun
  • Kills bad bacteria – Niels Finsen, a 1903 Nobel Prize winner, discovered that exposure to sunlight may heal and even disinfect wounds
  • Cures some skin illnesses – eczema, fungals, acne, and psoriasis may be aided with the help of sunlight contact
  • Lessens depression – too much sunlight withdrawal may cause depression leading to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), so it is best to be normally exposed to sunlight whenever you can and adjusting to the lights of the sun has a great chance of curing one’s depression
  • Height increase – babies and children who are usually outside have been believed to increase their height due to the sunlight
  • Lowers blood pressure – people with high blood pressure can go outdoors and take in the heat of the sun as it lowers their blood pressure
  • Motivates to lose weight –serotonin is needed by the brain to make you feel happy, with the right amount of sun, it has a huge chance of suppressing your appetite which makes you eat less
  • Eases IBD – those diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) have low levels of vitamin D, so going outdoors increases one’s vitamin D and eventually eases those with IBD
  • Relieves pains and aches – if anyone is experiencing some body pain or stiffness, it is recommended to get some sunlight exposure for a while as it warms the muscles of the body to ease the pain 
  • Gives energy – from everything that was previously stated, sunlight has the capacity to give an amusing power to energize individuals just think about how the natural light sun gives you once you wake up in the morning or when you go outside when you stayed indoors for a long time
  •  Prevents cavities – sun is also said to maintain your teeth by preventing cavities from occurring if you get the right exposure

As you finished reading, try not to be too terrified of the solar power here in the Philippines because there are great benefits from being exposed to this natural heat. Go outside and have some vitamin D for you!

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