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Reasons and Tips for Learning English Effectively in Singapore

>> Aug 30, 2016

Learning English as a second language is challenging. It is particularly so for non-English speakers in countries like Singapore. Singapore and other Chinese speaking countries find learning English difficult. However, they have to take English classes.

Reasons for taking English Classes

-       International and national channel of communication

English is an international agreeable language for communication. It is the main language through which businesses are transacted. Political, social and economic treaties are made in English internationally, so your child should learn English.

All classes in Singapore schools are taught in English. Mastering English (writing and reading) is therefore a great skill.

-       It is compulsory.

The ‘A’ level General paper and the ‘O’ level English papers are compulsory. As a child born or residing in Singapore, your child must take English classes because it is a compulsory class. Poor performance in English may be the reason your child fails to get to university.

-       A pre-requisite for passing other subjects
Most subjects are taught in English. These subjects include Geography, Literature, Psychology, History, and Economics. For your child to pass these subjects, he or she must be able to read and understand English.

Tips for learning English

Whether your child is a fast or slow learner, the following tips will simplify learning of this second language:

1.     Hire a personal tutor
Getting your child a tutor doesn’t imply dumbness. It is, in fact the best way for your child to get attention and focus on the most important aspects of the language. A professional English tutor, which we found from Smile Tutor, a tuition agency in Singapore understands all the basics of English and they also know the best way of tutoring different individuals. Therefore, you should get your child a tutor for the best results in all subjects.

2.     Find your child a speaking partner
If you are a good English speaker or learning to speak English, then your child is in the best company. Talking to them in English often will help them put to use what they have been taught in school and also what the tutor has taught them.

3.     Practice. Practice. Practice.
Encourage your child to speak and read the language as much as possible. The best way of learning English and making use of learnt vocabulary and phrases, besides spoken words is Books. The best way to learn English is reading a lot of English literature. Books build vocabulary.

4.     Active listening 
Your child should be encouraged to listen to English speakers over the radio, TV, or videos posted online. Listening and mouthing, and/or vocalizing the spoken words help in pronunciation and will eventually make you a good English speaker.

5.     Speak to yourself
Do not tell off your child when they speak to themselves. As they talk to themselves in front of a mirror, the words and phrases learnt will remain fresh in the mind and builds confidence.

6.     Leaving comfort zones
The best way for your child to learn English is by stepping out of the norm. They will be embarrassed when they use the wrong words or abusive words but after the laughter, they will have learnt something new.

In conclusion, the best way of learning this important language is by getting all in. TV, Radio, and YouTube (Google) are the best English learning partners, besides people.

Author Bio
Mary Ling is a remarkable English tutor Singapore has. She loves travelling, reading and tutoring. Her services are highly sought after and you can get a consultative session with her on her blog. Read more and learn English the easy way.

2 komentar:

kimmyschemy06 August 31, 2016 at 7:39 AM  

So true. we, Asians, can not keep up with the rest of the world if we do not get proficient enough in English.

thomas August 31, 2016 at 10:53 PM  

many people over in Malaysia are taking English class in preparation for migration

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