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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to decorate your walls

>> Aug 22, 2016

Walls are the skin of your house. The first thing that people will notice about your house is its walls. The walls have to be kept clean and attractive to make your home look at its best. There are many ways in which you can decorate your walls to make them look better.

Below are a few ideas of how well you can decorate your walls –

Paint -
This is the first and the most important thing to beautify your walls. Painting your wall in an attractive coloured paint is the most basic thing that you can do to enhance its beauty. You can use colours such as peach, egg shell, white or cream which are pleasant to the eyes. You can also use vibrant colours such as yellow, purple and pink if you want to make your wall stand out.

Wallpaper -
If you are bored of the plain paints, you can go for some funky wallpapers that will just add to the aesthetics of your walls. You can get various types of wallpapers in the market and you can choose among the best.

Tiles cladding -
If simple brick walls are not your type, you can get tiles cladding all across the walls. These claddings are available in several designs and types. In the market, you can find interior and exterior wall cladding tiles India.

Planters -
Bring in some nature on your wall. You can put up nice looking pots and planters on the wall. All you have to do is mount these on the desired height. Grow some colourful plants inside them and you have your lively wall ready.

Frames -
A boring wall can be converted in to an exciting one just by nailing a couple of frames onto it. Place the frames strategically so that they do not clumsy up the wall. In the frames, you can add paintings, pictures or paper cuttings that are going to make your wall interesting.

Glass -
The wall can be broken in between to create a pattern that can be covered up by glass. The glass can be plain or tinted. The presence of glass will make the wall reflect more light and it will also look very appealing.

Stencil painting -
If you think wall papers are too gaudy, you can opt for light and simple stencil paintings here and there on the wall. The paintings can be of a butter fly, a snowflake or simply a heart. Do not paint them all over the wall. A few paintings here and there will fill the emptiness and will also not be overcrowded.

Patterns -
Plain walls may look cliché. You can add patterns using different coloured paints on the wall. This will increase the exquisiteness of the wall. You can make stripes, geometrical shapes, and sprinkle tiny dots of paint, checks or any other pattern that will make the wall look unique and nice.

There are many ways to increase the beauty of a wall. All you have to do is use your creativity and find new ways to bring in unique concepts on to your wall. 

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