Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Look Gorgeous With Top Stylish And Modern Blouse Designs For Plain And Cotton Sarees!

>> Aug 12, 2016

Take a break from those heavy sarees that you are now tired of wearing and look gorgeous with some awesome plain sarees. Make some good and pleasant changes in your daily wear. Surprise your relatives and friends with the new look!

There are many beautiful blouse designs available in the market that can best complement to any plain saree. From a printed blouse to the one having thread work throughout the sleeves and back, you can get a number of options when it comes to blouses for plain sarees. You can choose the one according to your taste and saree.
Boat shaped blouse
Image: fashionbuzzer.com
Beautiful blouse designs for the plain Sarees
·         Sleeveless blouse design
A plain saree of sea green color having golden and black thin border can look really beautiful when combined with designer backless blouse design. You can even opt for the sleeveless blouse having gorgeous golden embroidery with some gaps in between to make it look more attractive.

·         Quarter sleeve blouse
A plain blue saree having golden border is one of the top trends these days. To give it more beautiful appearance, you can choose the shade of the blouse a bit darker than the color of sari. The thread work of several colors on it would enhance its look even more.

·         Mirror work design
Imagine a bright yellow color saree with a designer blouse having stunning mirror and embroidery work on you! The mirror work designs of the blouses are mostly derived from Rajasthani style. These kinds of blouses come with a wide array of colors, so you can even wear it with different plain sarees of red, green, pink, and so on.

Stunning blouse designs for Cotton Sarees
These days, cotton sarees are very popular, especially when worn with unique designer blouses. No matter whether you want an ethnic look or Indo western look, you can get it with the help of beautiful blouses for your cotton sarees. Here are some awesome ways to pair up your saree with different types of blouses to get a refreshing and stunning look!

  • If you want a casual look for your next meeting, go for a plain blouse with the check pattern saree. You can even pair them with the banarasi flats and carry some simple and elegant bangles with them.
  • Do you have an awesome plain crop top? Pair it up with your cotton saree to get the ultimate Indo-western look that you have always wanted. A red cotton saree with a black crop top is one of the best combinations out there.
  • Tribal print blouse combined with a vibrant color saree is also the best way to look gorgeous than ever!
  •  Modern women love to wear halter neck blouses these days. It gives you a bold and confident look. Pair a design halter neck blouse with your cotton saree to get the beautiful look.

With the above ideas, you are sure to get the stunning looks that you have always wanted. Combine the best designer blouses with the cotton and plain sarees and get the attention you deserve!

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