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Questions you should ask energy suppliers before you sign a long term contract

>> Aug 1, 2016

There comes a time when you may feel that the current energy provider you have is not offering services to the standards you desire. There are different ways you can handle this issue but the most common one is opting for a switch to another energy supplier.

If you decide to look for another supplier to work with, there are certain things you should be sure to take note of. You should have certain questions that you are interested in asking the potential energy provider. You could get these questions from certain reviews and complaints you have come across like Utility Warehouse complaints.

You should be knowledgeable on things like how different charging rates work. There are numerous options of pricing that affect the kilowatts per hour rates. To most energy providers these charges are usually standard. If a company does not offer standard charges you will notice a client reporting the situation on platforms like Utility Warehouse complaints. On the contrary, the well recommended companies like Utility Warehouse will receive great reviews because the charges do not change and are very consistent.


There are certain terms you should make sure you are aware of like floating. This term may appear in the contract you are going to sign with your new energy supplier. It is also a term that you can find many clients mentioning in the Utility Warehouse complaints. This term simply means your energy will be charged at a variable rate, this allows the provider to change the unit cost of the energy you consume depending on the wholesale value of the specific type of energy.

This deal might seem very favorable if you assume that the energy prices will drop, however you should keep in mind that the prices could as well raise greatly and you will experience a hard time trying to meet those expenses. A client who has gone through such an experience will make it known on the Utility Warehouse complaints platform if that is the supplier the client is working with. If you are looking for a company that does not raise its charges, you will get only good remarks on the company's platforms. Here are some questions you should pose to the company;

a)   Is there tax costs included in the supplier charge?
This will help you be able to know what exactly you are being charged for electricity and gas, and what an extra tax charge is. Most clients who will give complaints on the Utility Warehouse complaints that the bill incurred is too high, might not know of the tax charge also added on the final invoice.
b)   Is it possible to have direct contact with the company in case you have billing issues?
Most companies really prioritize the customer relations. There is no organization in this day and age, which can decide to ignore the feedback of their customers. That is why most institutions have platforms, so that the customers can effectively communicate with them. Enquiring on what means you can have direct contact with the company will ensure that your issues will always be heard.

You deserve to work with a company that will satisfy your standards and have an organized system for their operations. By asking these questions you will be able to get the best energy supplier for you.

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