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Various Benefits of Organizing Wedding Receptions on a Dhow Cruise

>> Aug 29, 2016

The Dhow cruise in Dubai is famous for the unique experience it provides. Nowadays, the cruise is also becoming a preferred option for organizing various types of events.

Events that may be organized on a Dhow

Most people focus on making the events organized by them memorable. In order to make the events unique, many of them prefer to organize them on the traditional wooden boat called Dhow. Few of such events include:

Family get together

The Dhow offers a good option for hosting a family get together. The hectic lifestyles followed by most people nowadays leave little time for bonding and connecting with family members. In such situations, organizing a family get together presents a good option to stay connected with the family. The sumptuous cuisine and the host of entertainment options provided at a Dhow cruise make it the perfect venue for a family get together.

Corporate events

Many companies nowadays search for suitable venues to host various kinds of corporate meals and events. The Dhow venue can provide a different experience for a corporate event. It offers a unique experience to discuss the various work related issues amidst the serene waters of the creek.


Birthdays mark a special day in a person’s life. Hosting birthday parties on a cruise is a good way to surprise your loved ones. Dhow cruise birthday parties can help make the day special. It can ensure that the guests have a marvellous time.

Wedding receptions

A wedding reception is often the most important day in a person’s life. Most people opt for wedding halls in Dubai to hold receptions. While these are a traditional choice, some people also prefer to choose unconventional venues like Dhows to organize their wedding reception. Organizing the reception on a Dhow provides a unique experience to the guests and the couples. The marvellous memories of the event are sure to be cherished throughout your life.

Advantages of holding wedding receptions in a Dhow

The trend of organizing wedding receptions at a Dhow is increasingly becoming popular. Many people choose the venue to make their reception interesting and different. The various benefits offered by hosting receptions at a Dhow include:

  • The wooden interior of the Dhow lends an aesthetic and romantic appeal to the ambience which helps in making the wedding reception an elegant and memorable experience.
  • Hosting a wedding at a Dhow offers a number of cuisine options ranging from Asian, Indian, Arabic, Continental and various other types of cuisines.
  • Dhow cruise weddings offer a number of entertainment options for the guests ranging from Tanoura dance, magic shows, comedy shows, puppet shows and many more.
  • When you host a wedding at a Dhow, the guests get an opportunity to enjoy the scenic views of the creek.
  • A Dhow cruise wedding enables your guests to enjoy a personal and private space which makes it a memorable experience.

A Dhow cruise wedding is a good option if you want to make your wedding a unique and memorable experience.

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