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Daily Habits that are Stealing Your Good Health

>> Aug 14, 2016

Your life and good health could be slipping right off your fingers. How, you ask? There are numerous activities you engage in, consciously or unconsciously that rob you your health. The habits can be stopped but just like what you see or hear in AA classes, you must accept the existence of the problem and also know that you are addicted to something. Therefore, you can go back to the addiction fast.

Some health conditions result from poor habits and can be reversed. Some of the poor habits include:

·         Being a couch potato
TV shows are addictive and you can find yourself stuck indoors for a whole day. Despite the entertainment you get, the downside of being a couch potato is that you increase your risks of getting type II diabetes. Being overweight is also a common result.

These two come about because you will find yourself eating more junk and not exercising at all. You should take walks, visit friends and generally reduce the time spent watching TV to at least 2 hours a day.

·         Eating too much junk
Fast foods and junk are very appetizing. They are also readily available and cheaper than healthier options. You could be one of the people who partake in fast foods. However, note that your waistline will start expanding, if it hasn’t. You risk getting diabetes and heart disease because of the bad cholesterol and blood fats that will form plaques on your arterial walls.

·         Living above your means
Wondering how this affects your health? Well, every time you overspend and exceed your credit limit, you add debt into your account. Being in debt will create a big tag on your mind all the time.

The result is financial stress that will cause insomnia, ulcers, drinking, smoking, digestion issues, high blood pressure, headaches, or depression. These will significantly affect your health and you will start accumulating more debt from health bills. You should try living within your means.

·         Too much stress
Living a stressful and worrisome life is unhealthy. High cortisol levels associated with stress will result in weight gain because of more fat being stored. You will also be at risk of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, slow digestion and an even lowered immunity. You should therefore try stress relieving practices and good nutritional habits for better health.

·         Smoking cigarettes
You risk developing throat, mouth or cancer of the bladder from smoking. This is an addictive habit and if not managed or reduced, you are likely to get high blood pressure, stroke, respiratory conditions and heart attacks. The safest way out is quitting, a tough but possible call.

·         Drinking too much
Excessive drinking is harmful to your health. This is because the compounds in alcohol work like poison and affect your liver. Drinkers are at a high risk of liver cirrhosis and other diseases. Cancer is also a risk associated with drinking and so is depression, high blood pressure and memory loss. Women get brittle bones. You should therefore cut back the amount of alcohol consumed.

In conclusion, you can lead a healthy life by cutting down on excess junk, alcohol and cigarette smoking. You should also stay active and lead a simple happy life. Do not give your habits the power over your health, take back the control.

Author Bio
Leo Mitchell is a renowned researcher. His work is cited in many publications. Read his thoughts on the newpioneer 4 you ipv d3 on the medical review journal. Also, check his website to learn more. 

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