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New Year Resolution

>> Dec 30, 2009

This post is a tag that is given by Risma, the owner of lovely blogs : mommy mayonnaise, blog perempuan rumahan and cerita film. Thanks for tagging me, Risma…

Actually, I’ve never make any resolution on every New Year before, or just thinking at a glance about it. So, this is my first time. Well, there is always the first time for everything, right?

Of course, first, I should say that I feel so grateful for everything that I have had in this year. What is my resolution for next year? I realize that I still have to do some self improvements. I still have several bad habits that I should change and I also have to change my bad character, or at least decrease it. I’m a stubborn woman. My hubby has often complained about this, my stubbornness.

I think I’ll write down a list about things that I have to change. It seems that the list will be long enough, hehehe. It doesn’t matter at all, because I want to be a better person. One more thing, I’ll also rewrite my vision book. I wrote down all my wishes there. I hope things that I have wished for and it isn’t achieved this year, it will happen next year. Wish Allah answer my prayers

Dear all, this post is also my last post in this year. See you in 2010; hope all the goodness will always be with us. Happy New Year 2010, everyone

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