Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

7 Ways to Secure your Home on a Budget

>> Dec 24, 2011

Securing your home must be a high priority to protect against both theft and unwanted intrusion. Protecting your house can be an expensive business, however, when you take into account the costs of installing alarms and shutters in Brisbane. You will never achieve better results than you will by finding someone to install Crimsafe in Brisbane, but you can improve your security further by carrying out safe practices and installing simple measures. This article will consider some of the ways that you can protect your home by yourself to reduce the cost of home security.

There are, of course, day to day practices that you can follow to stay on top of home security. Practices such as ensuring doors and windows are always shut will help to deter burglars. It is also wise to avoid the appearance of absence when you are away from your property. Here is a list of things you can do which will prevent easy access to your property once the thieves have decided to target you.

1. Install deadbolts with reinforcement. Installing a 6 point deadbolt will greatly increase the strength of your doors. Instead of relying on a single door lock it is far better to reinforce the door to prevent it from being kicked in or drilled.

2. Install a strong padlock to close all of your gates and doors. Large padlocks often supply far better security than standard door locks. As they cannot be opened from either the inside or the outside without a key, they provide far better security than locks which can be opened from the inside.

3. Strip your garden back. Gardens, bushes and other foliage offer far too much in the way of cover to burglars. A good burglar will need no more than a minute to force open a window or make an entry if there is a route, so it is important that they are as exposed as they could be during this time. Trying to create privacy in your garden actually benefits thieves who want to work under cover.

Keep trees away from your house. A tree can create a pathway to your upper windows. If it feasible to reach windows or flat roofs via trees then they should be removed. If for no other reason, trees this close to your house will damage your foundations with their roots.

5. Consider installing low level lighting in your driveway. Well lit, or even dimly lit area/s are burgled far less frequently because of the increased risk to the burglar.

6. Create a gravel border around your house. Gravel is a huge deterrent for burglars because it means that they cannot move silently. Having a gravel drive does mean that you will get woken up by the postman in the mornings, but it also means that you will be alerted to the approach of criminals to your home.

7. Install CCTV to keep a watchful eye. Installing CCTV serves as more of a deterrent than anything. Thieves will avoid risking being caught on camera and will probably avoid your house. Even if you install false cameras, you will probably benefit from this deterrent and have your house avoided.

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