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Why Contents Insurance is so Important

>> Dec 3, 2011

Everybody should take out contents insurance, even those who don't own their own home. If you were to lose all your furniture and belongings due to a fire, flood or storm damage it would be extremely costly to replace everything. Contents insurance also covers you from theft and will even protect you when your furniture and personal items are in transit if you move home. Your insurance will cover the removalists if there is any accidental damage.

Fires can start and spread quickly throughout a house. They can also start very easily. A lot of house fires start in the kitchen on the stove top because food that is cooking has been left unattended. House fires can also start because of faulty wiring. Other reasons fires start are because of candles left burning and even because of cigarettes that have not been put out properly. A fire will take hold of a room in seconds as there are many flammable things inside a normal home. The other reason you could lose your home due to fire is because of bush fires. With the fire season fast approaching you will need to consider contents insurance to protect yourself against fire if you live in a rural or area with bush land.

Recent floods in Queensland and rural Victoria have shown us the danger of flash flooding and how high water can rise. Once quiet creeks and rivers quickly turn into raging torrents and water levels can reach unbelievable levels very quickly. You need to have contents insurance to protect you against floods, especially if you live near a creek, river or lake or in a low lying area. You don't need to be near flowing water like a creek to end up being flooded out. Just getting an abnormal amount of rain can cause flooding. You need contents insurance to cover you against water damage that you might get from things happening like your washing machine overflowing and the water ruining your carpet.

Storm damage

Contents insurance will also cover you against storm damage. Storms can do a lot damage. Strong winds can cause tree branches to come down and even whole trees. If you have eucalyptus trees near your house you might want to think about either removing them or cutting back the branches that hang over your house as they are known for unexpectedly dropping branches. If you live in a northern state of Australia you are also at risk of property damage due to cyclones.

Your contents insurance will also cover you against theft. If anything is stolen then your insurance company will replace the item. As thieves go for luxury items, like jewellery and technical equipment, if you didn't have insurance these items might be something you just can't afford to replace. With insurance you can rest assured that if the worst happens you can easily replace things. Contents insurance also makes life that more convenient.

Moving house

If you happen to move house your contents insurance will cover your furniture and belongings from any damage done by the removalists. Usually the only time furniture gets damage is when it is handled, and that is when it is moved. Professional removalists generally don't have any problems but the unexpected can happen.


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