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How to Care for Satin Sheets

>> Dec 1, 2011

Satin sheets: the epitome of bedding luxury and romanticism. The shiny, soft satin material invites sleepers to sweet dreams and romantic pillow talk.

But satin, just like any other type of bed linen, doesn’t stay clean forever. In fact, it actually requires more care than regular woven cotton or polyester sheets. Because of the weaving of satin and the different materials it comes in (acetate, polyester, nylon or silk), satin sheets demand more specialized care.

Everyday care

Avoid direct sunlight. Satin fades quickly in direct sunlight, especially if it’s made of silk or acetate. To avoid fading, put a comforter or blanket over the sheets close the blinds during the day or opt for polyester sheets, which have more stable colors.

Store properly. Storing satin sheets is different from regular sheets. You need to put your sheets in an airtight container and store it in a cool and dark place—usually with the rest of your bed linen. When you’re ready to use the sheets again, air them out for a few hours to retrieve their freshness.

Avoid heat. If your bed is right next to a wall with a heater, either move your bed or give up on the idea of satin sheets. Because the weaving is more fragile, the heat can break the fibers down and reduce the look and durability of your sheets. Acetate fabric is especially fragile to heat.

Don’t wear metal. Metal buttons or zippers can get caught up in the threads and make unsightly snags in the fabric. Wear cotton or satin pajamas that tie with cords or plastic buttons.

Washing and drying

Follow the care tag. Because satin bedding is so demanding, companies often add a care tag. Following these instructions is your best bet for the best care.

In the absence of a tag, follow these instructions:
· Wash in cold water by hand or in the delicate cycle
· Use a specialized detergent like Woolite or Forever New
· Shake to remove excess water (do not wring) and hang to dry
· Do NOT put in dryer, especially if the material is acetate. Heat is the worst enemy of acetate and even the gentle cycle will damage it.

Polyester and nylon are less fragile. To care for polyester or nylon satin sheets, use warm or cool water and don’t use too much detergent (go one line under what you would usually use for a load of the same size). Avoid bleach. You can even use the dryer at the lowest heat setting. You CAN hang polyester, but you CAN’T hang nylon, as the sun will damage any nylon fabric.

If you have silk… Silk is better off in the dry cleaning or hand washed, if you can’t afford a professional cleaner. Don’t wring silk and don’t line-dry it outside either.

To help keep your satin sheets fresh during storage, you can always add a sachet of mixed scented
flowers in the container. It will help give your sheets a nice, fresh smell when you take them out again.

How do you care for your satin sheets? Any tips we haven’t mentioned?

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