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Teachergive Sale 2023

Creative Baby Gifts

>> Dec 1, 2011

There’s something about babies that just makes you want to hold them, and to give them a gift, though you don’t want to spoil them or they’ll go from being cute little angels to your worst nightmare. If you are in the market for a baby gift, be creative and give something that they are unlikely to already have, or at least something to encourage their positive development. The following baby gifts are fun and the baby will love them.

A Tent

A great gift for the family that enjoys going camping is to buy a mini tent for their baby. Just having the baby tent set up as a play area at home will be a great way to introduce the little one to tenting and will make it easier once they get old enough to go camping for real. Even if baby’s family aren’t camping types, having a mini tent to play in will be a great treat for the baby.

Personalised Baby Clothes

Make the baby feel extra special by buying some high quality
baby clothes and then stitching their name on them somewhere. Whether you go for the big letters across the back or just a small name across the chest, it will be a very cute and original gift. This will also make it easy for the parent to find their baby’s clothes if they are hanging out with other little ones.


Everyone loves music, especially kids, so having a wide variety of musical stimulus will be doing wonders for their little brain. Introducing babies to music early on in their lives has been show to be great for their overall development. Even just as a way to encourage a child to dance, it’s always a great idea to give the gift of music.


Offer to do it yourself or to pay for it to get done, either way getting the baby’s room painted is a great gift. It’s fun to get creative with the colour scheme in baby’s room and they will love having something interesting to look at as they lay there and take it all in. Some painting companies specialise in more creative paint jobs so have a look online and get inspired; you may just want to get some friends and family together and have a go yourself.

A Chariot

If the baby’s parents already have a good stroller, get them a chariot to attach to the back of their bike so baby can come out of rides too. It can be really hard for active parents to continue to find time to exercise when they have a baby, so finding a way to bring the little one along will be a godsend. Your chariot will be most appreciated.


It will be a few years yet before the little one is reading on their own, though getting them books is still a great idea as it is important to be reading to the baby from day one. Try and find books with positive messages, as you obviously don’t want to be scaring the little darling.

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