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To Keep Romance in Your Marriage

>> Dec 30, 2011

Dear couples, have you already known the secrets of happy couples? Great marriages are the consequence of day by day manners and attitudes, apparently little gestures that show your attention, respect, affection, love and desire to your partner. It sounds simple; but actually, there are lots of couples who face difficulties to keep their relationships.

It’s already a common truth that many married coupes have close relationships only for a few years in the beginning of their marriages. As the time goes by, the romance in marriage will usually tend to fade away. So, how’s about your own relationship recently? Do you still keep romance between you and your partner? Are kisses, touches, and hugs still warming your daily life?

The fading of romance in marriage can effect to the value friction. Both you and partner are busy with daily duties and responsibilities; it can make you forget to continue keeping your relationship. The passion can fade away, but the loss of meaning of wife/husband presence mustn’t happen. Both of you are persons that still need affection and attention, right?

The less importance of wife or husband attendance in a marriage can lead to some marriage troubles; as the wife and the husband will feel miserable, alone and disheartened. Unfortunately, the wives turn out to be victims of this marriage situation more often than the husbands. Sometimes husbands are too busy with their works outside; that’s why they don’t annoy much with the break relations with their wives. Some husbands believe that they have completed their responsibilities by only providing enough material things to their families.

To avoid any marriage problem, it’s obvious that you should still keep a little of romance to build harmony in your marriage. Your efforts to keep compassionate and understanding between you and partner should never end. Each couple has essential need to be loved and to get attention and appreciation; only materials aren’t enough!

How to grow romance in your marriage? You must avoid dullness and brighten your marriage by doing new and interesting things together. There are many romantic date ideas that you can try. Romantic date is a great idea to attach passion into your relationship. The ideas are limitless and it doesn’t have to be costly. Make your own romantic date plan and do it frequently, at least once a month. Don’t forget to fill your daily life with smiles, laughs, eyes sights, kisses, touches, and hugs. Have a happy marriage life!

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