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Karaoke Bars are the Best Alternative Ideas for a Bachelor Party

>> Dec 19, 2011

Love the sound of your own voice? Get ready to pretend you’re Frank Sinatra and laugh your ass off at the same time... it’s the karaoke classic! That’s right, Japan’s favourite sport is one way to make a massive fool of yourself in the company of friends, which is exactly what a bachelor party is all about!

Last time I attended a karaoke bachelor party, I ended up doing the Humpty Dance in front of a crowd of screaming girls and falling off the stage. Awesome. Everyone got involved, everyone had a great time and we all went home thinking we were the best thing since the end of the last American Idol. We weren’t, of course, but tequila will do that to a man...

The thing about karaoke is this: it actually levels everyone off. Almost no-one can sing worth a darn, so when you all get up and have a go the good will factor rises by about a million percent. It’s a brilliant way to get groups of guys from different areas of your life to talk to each other too. Nothing breaks the ice like watching a dude make an ass of himself with a microphone.

There are some rules you have to set out for having a karaoke bachelor party, mind. I normally wouldn’t be a fan of this, but a karaoke party is the one time where everyone has to have a go, no matter what they say. That’s because the full effect of karaoke doesn’t get felt unless each member of the group has had a chance to make a spectacular scene up on stage. Even the people who say they don’t want to will feel better once they’ve done it.

You can make all sorts of game sup to go with it too. One of the best is to do duets and have everyone else score the others. This works better than single singers, because a duet is almost always funnier – and it means you can get through the ranks quicker too! You could even arrange some silly cheap favors as prizes for people doing karaoke at your bachelor party: nothing over the top, but a round of drinks always goes down pretty well...

If you make an evening of it in the right place you can probably get a karaoke and meal package, which cuts down your costs as well as being a fun alternative to just going out and getting hammered. Some places also hire out private karaoke booths or rooms, so you can all have fun without feeling embarrassed that other people are watching you do it.

That said, it’s usually more fun to get out and amongst it – so I’d recommend going to a karaoke bar where everyone is singing in front of everyone, no matter who they are. The atmosphere in these places is nearly always friendly and you get all sorts of prizes for taking part – free shots, drinks tokens, that kind of thing.

A bachelor party without a focus is a recipe for disaster. If you just go out drinking then you always end up in a messy heap way too early. If you go to a karaoke bar or somewhere similar, everyone has something to focus on, they drink slower and the evening becomes a bonding and fun experience as well as a chance to sink a few beers with the boys. Enjoy!

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