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Make Your Dream MIG-29 Flight Comes True!

>> Dec 8, 2011

Everyone has their own wish and dream that they want to reach. If you’re an aviation enthusiast, perhaps your dream is becoming a fighter pilot. But for whatever reason, it’s only just a dream for you. Thanks to the amazing people at MIGFlug, they can make you, an ordinary civilian, to be a Fighter Pilot for a Day! Isn’t it too exciting offer?

Compared with becoming a passenger of an ordinary plane, flying in a fighter jet with the professional top pilots is surely a totally different experience that boosts your adrenalins. There’s no need to have any flight skill before. As long as you’re in good health, you can book their flight service at the official website.
If the chance to be a fighter pilot is already open in front of your eyes; which fighter jet that you crave to fly in? Many fighter jet fans want to feel flying in supersonic speed; that’s why a flight with MIG-29 is becoming very popular. For you who want to fly high and very fast like a bullet in the sky, this MIG-29 Flight could become your answer!

Fast developing technology gives privileges to many people. Nowadays, you can observe and then book a unique and remarkable adventure –flying with a fighter jet- from the comfort of your home. I guess that about twenty years ago, there’s no one thought about there will be a fighter jet flight service that’s available for civilians or tourists.

The MIG-29 flight is held in Russia, on Sokol Airbase. With MIG-29, you can feel an extreme speed of Match 2. Before doing the flight, you’ll get adequate briefing and tutorial. If the situation is possible, the pilot can let you taking control the jet during the flight; you aren’t only a passenger. So guys, grab this chance and make your dreams come true!

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Cheqna December 9, 2011 at 10:01 AM  

I wish to have one so that I could go back to my hometown whenever I want..hehehe..


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