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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Choose the Right Type of Garden

>> Dec 8, 2011

There are a few things you should consider when you put in your garden. As well as what type of plants you put in, you should also think about what type of structures you can build to make the most of your space. Patios are great to use as entertainment areas and also give you an area of much needed shade. If you have a pool you will need to think about putting in a garden that will work well around it. Your garden can also be used to help disguise things, like the pool filter.


As well as choosing trees and plants that you like for your garden, you also will need to consider your climate. Tropical plants, for example, are not going to flourish in the southern parts of the country, and species that thrive in cooler climates will not last in a tropical far north Queensland. To make your gardening life easier, choose plants and trees that are going to suit the climate. You will find they grow easily and don't have to be nursed along.

Soil type

Before you put in any plants you should do a soil test to ascertain the pH levels of the soil. It is important to know whether you soil is more acidic or more alkaline. You can easily work this out for yourself with a simple soil testing kit. This information should be taken into consideration when you visit your local nursery as different plants are better suited to certain soil types. Nursery staff will be able to help you with your plant decisions.

Style of home

You should also take into account your style of home. If you have a more modern home you should have your garden reflect this style. Take a more minimalist approach with your garden and choose plants that make a dramatic statement on their own. Things that have large colourful leaves or unusual shaped flowers often work well. With a period home an old fashioned cottage garden always looks lovely, although this is a high maintenance style garden so be prepared for the upkeep.


It is important that you consider your lifestyle when you go to put your garden in. You don't want to have a garden that requires a lot of time and work to maintain if you are hardly ever home, or if you dislike gardening. If you are luckily enough to be able to afford a gardener then this is not an issue, but you don't want to put in a garden that is going to look constantly overgrown and untidy, plus add to your normal weekly work load.


If you have children you want to make your garden child friendly. To stop them from destroying any more formal parts of your garden, create an area especially for them. Put aside a corner and turn it into an adventure playground. Build them a cubby or a tree house, where no grownups are allowed, and have an area for a swing set or sand pit.

Think about what sort of garden is going to suit you, and be somewhere to relax and enjoy, rather than creating too much extra work.

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