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How to Make Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly

>> Dec 19, 2011

If you are trying to make your home more environmentally friendly then you should start slowly and begin doing over a room at a time, starting with the kitchen. You will probably need to get your electrician in to help you put in timer switches and other energy saving devices, but a lot of the changes you will be able to handle yourself. Start by having a look at your appliances and see how they rate in terms of energy efficiency. You can buy Westinghouse fridges that comply with more environmentally friendly standards, as well as dishwashers.


A good place to start is by changing over your power guzzling appliances. This can especially be the case if you have older appliances. Do your research before you go out and buy new appliances. Have a look online, it makes it easier to compare products from the comfort of home. Consider whether you need a fridge that is overly large, as this obviously uses more power. If you live on your own, or just with your partner, then you are not going to need such a large fridge. If you entertain often you may need a slightly bigger fridge.

Once you have your fridge you should also make sure that it is always working properly and that it is set at the right temperature. Check that the seals are attached properly and not letting any cool air out, as this can overtax your fridge, using more power. You can buy dishwashers that help save water. There are now dishwashers available that will save the water from the last rinse cycle, then use this for the first rinse cycle of the next load. It may seem like a small water saving but in the long run it will make a big difference.

Natural light

Use your overhead electric lights less by making the most of the natural light. If you only have small windows then renovate your kitchen and put in bigger windows. If your kitchen is positioned more in the centre of your home you can also put in a skylight. Have it over your kitchen area so that it throws natural light over your workspace area. The aim is to not have to turn on your electric lights during the day at all.


If you are considering renovating your kitchen to make it more environmentally friendly think about the materials that you are going to use. You can find great recycled materials, such as timber, to make beautiful bench tops, which will not only look great, but be a talking point in your kitchen. You can also use recycled doors, cabinets, taps, sinks, windows and even furniture. Have a look in antique shops, opportunity shops or visit houses that are being demolished. You are sure to pick up some bargains as well as find some things for your kitchen with great character. You will also be helping the environment by saving these items from becoming landfill.

There are many things you can do to make your kitchen more environmentally friendly. Start by looking at your appliances and consider whether they use too much energy.


2 komentar:

Yen December 19, 2011 at 10:45 PM  

Light bulbs can also add up the ambiance how you want your kitchen look like :)

Unknown December 20, 2011 at 1:44 PM  

dari artikel ini sepertinya kita bisa renovasi dapur dengan biasa murah ya..

nice info mbak...
sangat bermanfaat :)

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