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5 Ways to Prevent Injuries

>> Feb 23, 2012

All too often, we devote little time or attention to the prevention of injuries, only to need professional assistance when the injuries are sustained. Physiotherapists often work with people who have sustained injuries, but these professionals fully attest to the importance of injury prevention.

Here we examine five of the most significant ways to prevent injuries:

1) Moving Objects the Right Way

By ensuring that objects are carried and moved correctly, many injuries can be prevented. Muscle strains are a common injury when objects are moved incorrectly and dangerously. By learning how to do this safely, you can avoid injuring yourself.

2) Correct Posture

When a person has poor or incorrect posture, back, neck and shoulder pain can be experienced. This is because the muscles are burdened with a greater load than they should otherwise have to carry. Poor posture is also problematic because it can affect your gait and thereby cause pain in the knees and/or back. Physiotherapy can assist a person to improve their posture and simultaneously reduce the likelihood of injury.

3) See a Physio

Specialised and specific physio exercises that are focused on strengthening and stretching can help to reduce the likelihood of knee pain and knee injuries. Physiotherapists understand that knee pain is usually caused by quadriceps muscles that are weak, hamstrings and calf muscles that are tight, and inflexible joints. By helping a person to strengthen and stretch their muscles, physios reduce the possibility of injury occurring.

4) Take Care of Your Feet

Foot injuries, including Achilles tendonitis, are commonly caused by tendons and ligaments being put under excessive stress as a result of overuse or overtraining. As you would expect, foot injuries are often very painful. Physio exercises can be specifically tailored to stretch and strengthen the associated muscles, and a qualified and skilled physiotherapist can also make recommendations about the best types of footwear to use.

5) Avoid Shin Splints

Of all the injuries that physiotherapists treat, shin splints are perhaps the most frequent. Many people experience the pain and discomfort of shin splints. A physiotherapist can teach a patient how to stretch and strengthen their calf muscles and also the muscles in and around the shin bone. To prevent shin splints from occurring, a physiotherapist may recommend particular running shoes that will provide better support and thereby minimise the likelihood of injury.While no one likes to deal with the impacts of injuries, the good news is that many of the most commonly seen and experienced injuries can be prevented. There are many different exercises, techniques and even equipment that a physiotherapist can recommend. You can even help little ones with infant massage or baby massage from qualified practitioners.


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