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Stretch Marks - Get Rid of It!

>> Feb 16, 2012

I believe that there’s no one like to see stretch marks on their bodies. Like wrinkles and age spots, stretch marks are one of annoying skin problems for many people, especially for women. Factually, stretch mark is a common phenomenon as it occurs to nearly 80 percent of women in their life. So, you don’t need to worry much; you’re not alone here! But since there’s a pressure in society on women to keep their nice look, many women really want to throw away their stretch marks.

Is it the most effective way on how to get rid of stretch marks? Perhaps it has been becoming most frequent question that asked by a lot of women who need proper answers. It’s so understandable that your concern is to get rid of your stretch marks, but you should know first why you experience it.

For your information, stretch marks are further than the skin that’s been over stretched. You’ll experience stretch marks only if your body produces glucocorticoid hormone. This hormone grows actively due to pregnancy, puberty, fatness, or extreme weight lifting exercise. The hormone presence affects the reduction of essential collagen and elastin that needed for smooth and healthy skin. The loss of collagen and elastin is harmful; since it will develop stretch marks on your skin.

When it comes to get rid of your stretch marks, there are different methods and treatments that you can try. The result can vary, depends on your stretch mark stage, your age and skin condition. Before you choose any treatment, you must realize that it will be hard to perfectly remove your mark and get back your original skin condition. At least, the proper treatment will heal your skin and smoothen the mark.

If you ask me, I prefer to try the natural way first. The other treatments are applying medical products and surgical procedure. In natural cure, you can take aloe oil, cocoa butter and a sort of vitamin products to avoid and manage your stretch marks. It’s much recommended to regularly consume skin-friendly foods that are rich in vitamins A and C, zinc, and protein; such as milk, eggs, nuts, carrots, and salmon fish. These kinds of foods will decrease the development of stretch marks!

Nowadays, there are already available various quality stretch mark cream products in the market. Most of them use various natural ingredients, so, it’s safe enough for you to try. If your stretch mark is a severe one, perhaps the surgical method –for instance laser surgery, chemical peels and dermabrasion- is the right treatment for you. Whatever your chosen treatment, make sure that your decision is based on your doctor’s suggestion!

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