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How to Manage Kids while Relocating?

>> Feb 8, 2012

Moving with kids makes relocation all the more challenging for parents. Usually young ones react negatively to a move. Relocation is undoubtedly painful for the whole family, but it is more disruptive for kids. If a family faces the prospect of moving, the children should be given special attention during the transition. Leaving old friends and school mates behind is a difficult task for children of all age groups. While youngsters take a while to tackle the moving stress, the worst affected by the move are children.

The only thing that can keep them from becoming depressed is their involvement in work. Here are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your kid doesn't suffer from stress while relocating.

Inform them about the move

The first step that a family must
take to make moving hassle-free for kids is to inform them about the move, as soon as they decide it. Do not assume that delaying in informing them about the move will make it easier for them to move. Experts opine that kids need more time than parents to get used to the idea of moving. So it is better to tell them well in advance.
Talk to them

Talk as much as you can with them about the moving process. Talk to them about your new home. Welcome all sort of questions and do not chide them for over inquiring. You will get an idea of their mental status by continuous talking. Take feedback from them on a few decisions. Involve them in moving tasks, so that they do not feel neglected, in the whole process of moving.
Assign them small tasks

Assigning them a few tasks would create interest in your kids. You can ask them to pack their toys and books. Tell them to scrap the things that they no more need. You can also ask them to prepare a list of new things, which they would be needing to decorate their rooms at new home. They will feel excited on the very thought of decorating their new room with new things.
Throw a goodbye party for friends

You must ask your children to invite all their friends for a goodbye party. This will help them cope with the stress of parting with their classmates and neighborhood friends. Click photographs and give return gifts.

If you are moving within the state, take your children to visit the new house. This will make them explore their new neighborhood. Moving with school age kids is more difficult than moving with toddlers, as they are unable to understand the changes involved. For school goers, gather all the information related to new schools in the new area, so that their studies are not wasted. The growing number of removal companies in London
has made it very easy for people to relocate without much obstacles.


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