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Ideas for an Active Family Vacation

>> Feb 8, 2012

Activity holidays for the family can be a perfect solution for keeping everyone entertained on your annual break. While it is always going to be tricky to keep every travelling member happy for the duration of your trip, if you pack your holiday with things to do then you stand the best possible chance of keeping everyone happy. Here are some ideas for planning that perfect trip.

Striking the Right Balance

Unless you're exceptionally lucky, chances are that each individual member of your party is likely to have their own ideas as to what constitutes a perfect holiday. That's why it makes sense to provide as much choice as possible.

Some families base an entire trip around theme parks. While it may be true to say that most people enjoy the type of thrilling rides on offer in these parks, there are few holiday makers who could enjoy them for seven days or more. The key to success, therefore, lies in getting the balance right.

A Choice of Activities

Obviously, you have to adjust to your family's likes and dislikes to a certain degree. If, for example, you all hate water sports then there's no point in arranging a holiday that includes snorkelling, surfing and other water-based activities.

However, the majority of families all have differing individual needs and while they should be taken on board, it may be a good idea to try something a little different to keep everyone happy. Typical activity holidays may include walking, cycling and horse riding, among other things and these are all worth considering if you haven't taken a holiday of this kind before.

Golfing Holidays

More and more families are trying golfing holidays for the first time. If you are all experienced golfers, you'll understand just how much fun golf breaks can be. However, if some of you haven't played the game before, you shouldn't just assume that this type of holiday isn't suitable.

If you're looking to play on some of the world's greatest courses, then your game should be of a certain standard and you are likely to need a handicap certificate to prove it. But if your group doesn't fit these requirements, then you shouldn't be deterred.

Some golf breaks are designed to get everyone involved, regardless of their level of play. With expert tuition on hand, this suddenly becomes the type of holiday that everyone can enjoy. Practice areas, putting greens and driving ranges are also available for you to hone your skills before stepping out on to the course for the real thing.

Mix and Match

Many families have tried golf for the first time and have then found themselves booking dedicated golfing holidays in the years that followed. As a taster, however, you can of course mix your golf with any of the other activities available in many resorts.

For many, the best family holidays contain an exciting mix of as many different sports and pastimes as they can fit in. Don't forget to balance that, though, with as much relaxation time as possible. This is particularly the case for the adults, who will need the right balance of fun and opportunities to relax with a few drinks.

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your holidays, why not try sharing your passion for golf with all of the family? It could become the focal point for enjoyable holidays for many years to come.

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k and k world February 10, 2012 at 2:18 AM  

wow, nice view! loved playing golf:)

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