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Finding Your Ancestors

>> Feb 5, 2012

Have you recognized your own family history? If you’re interested to identify your whole origins and ancestors; you can start doing your genealogy project. Who knows that actually your great grandfather or grandmother was a famous person at the time! There are some ways to trace your origins. Some people prefer to use social security death index, a large database of death records that created from US SSA.

Visit competent genealogy websites. That’s a right place for you to access the social security death index. In the SSDI, you can find very useful information on birth, death and last residence of reported dead people who had Social Security Number.

To build your own family tree, social security death records in the SSDI can give data that you need about your ancestor; such as the last and first name, date of birth and death, state of domicile, and very last identified address. Since your genealogy project is about learning your family history and keeping private record of your ancestors, the social security death records can be your great reference!

Of course, you can also gather information from relatives and friends. Every three months, there’s a family gathering between relatives in my father’s side. I often use this gathering moment to find out more about my great grandfather and grandmother. Start building your extended family tree and mark your position inside!

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