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How to Teach Kids to Make Their Beds

>> Feb 24, 2012

Would you like your kids to become bed linen wizards? Teaching kids how to make their beds can be easy or frustrating, depending on their ability to retain the habit. Here are some tips not only to show your kids how to make their beds, but also to help them stick with the habit.

Teach during transitions

When your child grows old enough to leave the crib and get a toddler bed, or when you replace the toddler bed with a regular one, it’s the perfect time to introduce a new habit. The kids will be all excited by getting a grown-up bed and will want to keep it clean.

But even if your child is not changing their bed, you can always motivate them by getting a new set of sheets or a new superhero comforter. It’s never too late to introduce the habit of making your bed every morning. You can find beds and comforters with a Babies R Us Coupons and get something that would make your child more relaxed.

Show them first
Kids learn a lot by example, so the first time, you should show them how you make your bed. Invite them in your bedroom or tell them to watch you as you make their beds. Tell them that they will be expected to learn and do it on their own.

When they try their hand at it for the first time, help them by showing them where the corners go and how to make everything even. Tell them the order of the sheets and let them put it together themselves. Children love puzzles!

Turn it into a game
Engage in a game of copycat or Simon Says. Have your kids stand across the bed from you and copy your movements, or tell them what to do, step by step. Transforming bed making into a game will turn what may seem like a chore to a special, fun time with mummy or daddy!

Give praise and encouragement
Think about how you can praise your kids for making their beds rather than how you can punish them for not doing it. It’s called positive reinforcement, and it works much better than punishment in the long run.

Stay with them at first and show them how to make it properly, and then leave them alone to do it and check the work after. Always be positive in your comments and avoid saying: “your bed isn’t made right.”

Give daily praise like “Wow, you’re such a grown up!” or “You’re helping mummy and daddy a lot by making your bed every morning!” Offer a small reward for a week’s worth of daily bed making at first, and then a bigger monthly reward if they do it every day for a month. Your kids will want to make your bed in no time!

It takes only 21 days to create a habit, so encourage your kids to make their beds every day for three weeks, and then you won’t need to ask them again. Get them some nice
flowers to decorate their bedroom, or a new set of sheets from that TV show they enjoy. It will help encourage them to want to keep their room neat and tidy.

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