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Moving with Kids

>> Feb 22, 2012

At some point in your life, you will have to face the prospect of moving and organising all that’s required to do so. From deciding on removalists to updating the contents insurance. Moving is never easy, but it’s even less so if you have kids. Moving can either be a new adventure or an extremely disruptive and traumatic time for children. To make it less of the latter, you need to give your kids some special attention to facilitate their transition.

Make it just about the move

It’s important to think about the reason you are moving. If the reason is something that is already affecting your children try to find closure before you move. After becoming divorced, one of my friends moved interstate with her children. Trying to deal with the divorce of their parents and fit into a completely new community was a lot for the children to process. She wished she hadn’t moved so far away so quickly so that the kids had the time to adjust to their new family situation before they had the added pressures of going to a new school and making new friends. Most kids thrive on familiarity and routine so try not to make the move such a life-changing event.

Involve them in the process
It’s crucial to prepare your children both physically and emotionally to move. Regardless of the situation or circumstances, the best way to do this is to involve them in the process and to talk to them about it. Try to give them as much information about the move as soon as possible and answer their questions truthfully. Even if you are moving a long way away honesty is the best policy. Give them as much information about the new home, city and state (or country) as you can. Maintain a positive attitude, but make sure that you provide thoughtful responses to all of their questions regardless of if they are positive or negative.

Even if the move means a bigger house, lawn or a safer community, your kids might be jilted by the frightening aspects of the change. Be prepared to give them time to realise the benefits of the move.

Limit the impact
After the move try and get your child’s rooms in order as quickly as possible. Also try to get yourselves back into a new schedule and routine quickly. The faster you do this the easier the move will be on your children.

Remember, moving is never easy but eventually your kids will adapt to the change. Maintain a positive attitude and get them involved in their new community through organised sports and activities as much as you can – we are sure this will help them adjust tremendously to their new home and environment.


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