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Important Lessons to Teach Your Children

>> Feb 15, 2012

There are a few important things you should teach your children to help keep them safe when they are around the home and when they are out playing on their own. As well as knowing to never speak to strangers they should also learn what to do in case of a house fire and what alarm systems to listen out for, such as smoke alarms.

Careful around water
If you have a swimming pool then you have to have a safety fence by law, but you also need to teach your children that they need to be careful around the edge of the pool. They should not run around the pool as it is easy to slip and fall when it is wet, and they risk hitting their head and falling in. They should also know the dangers of swimming at the beach or in a river before you head off on such a trip. They should be taught to swim between the flags at the beach or in full view of the lifeguard. When swimming in rivers they should be taught that they should never dive into water when they don't know what is below the surface. They should also be careful of currents and only swim where the water is quiet. Importantly they should always swim when an adult is present.

Don't play with poisons
Children should be taught to never play with substances like household cleaners or chemicals as they can be poisonous if ingested. They should also know to leave medications alone, even herbal ones, cough medicine and things like headache tablets. They should also learn that they are dangerous substances outside and in garden sheds, like petrol, slug and snail pellets, and weed killer. These items should always be up out of children's reach or locked away but they should still be taught that these items are dangerous.

What to do in case of a fire

Your children should know what to do in case there is a house fire. Explain to them what the smoke alarms are and why they would go off. Explain that smoke is very dangerous and that it is usually the killer in a house fire. Practice crawling through the house and to the closest exit. Show them how to get out of the house if the doorway is blocked. They need to understand that they have to get out of the house as fast as possible and not take any of their things with them. Organise for a meeting place on the street in front of your house. They must understand that they are never to go back into the house.

Never go with strangers 
They should be taught about the dangers of strangers. You don't want to scare them off everyone that they don't know by name but they should be taught what to look out for. Tell them that they must never get into a car with anyone they don't know or accept any food or drink. They should also learn not to believe anything a stranger might tell them, such as you telling them to pick them up from school. Having these discussions will empower and protect your children.


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