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Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Baby

>> Feb 6, 2012

Halloween is widely considered to be the most fun holiday of the year, though only if you have the right costume. Make sure that your baby isn’t left out of the fun and have them looking the part this year. It’ll be hard explaining to your baby what’s going on, though if you just make them the centre of attention, they are sure to be very curious and probably have a great time. If you are planning your little one’s Halloween costume for this year’s festivities, be sure to keep the following great options in mind.

A Punk

Dressing your baby up as a punk will not only be extremely cute, but also easy, as all you will need are a few decorations like fake chains and a wig from the dollar store, and maybe a punk looking t-shirt. People will know straight away what you baby is dressed as, and you will have no problems dealing with a clumsy outfit if you need to change your baby during the festivities. Chances are also pretty good that no one else’s baby will come as a punk.

A Witch

This classic outfit is a great one if you are going to take your baby trick or treating, as you can both go as witches! All you will need are black outfits, pointy hats, brooms and maybe a bunch of wilted flowers, and you’ll be set to go. Having a witch and their baby turn up at your door on Halloween is terrifyingly adorable, and you will forever cherish the pictures of the two of you dressed up to spook the neighbourhood.

A Mummy

If you can’t afford a fancy costume for your baby, take advantage of them being so small and not really caring by dressing them up as a mummy. All that this will entail is wrapping them in sheets or gauze, and your baby will probably love being all cosy and contained. The only down side is going to be unwrapping them if your baby need to be changed.

The Devil

There is no Halloween costume cuter than a baby devil, and you’ll have lots of fun coming up with the little devilish touches like face paint, horns and a pitchfork. This is another costume that doesn’t have to cost you much and will delight your baby to be getting so dressed up.

A Pirate

With pirates being so big these days, turning your baby into one for Halloween is a great costume idea. All you will need is an eye patch, a little vest, a hat and even some kind of hook, and your little one is sure to look and feel the part, without it costing you a fortune.

Halloween will most likely end up being your child’s favourite holiday, so until they can tell you what they want to wear, make sure you have them looking awesome by dressing them in a fun outfit. You can also use Halloween as an excuse to get some baby gifts that will make fun play outfits as well. Whatever you do, just be creative! You and your baby don’t need expensive costumes to be looking amazing and having a great time together this Halloween.

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kimmy February 7, 2012 at 4:32 AM  

cute! my kids' favorite costumes when they were young were witch, fairy, pirate and zombie, lol!

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