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A Quick Guide to Switching to LPG Supply

>> Jun 6, 2013

For those living away from reliable mains supply, or who wish to provide their own gas supply for security and continuity purposes, LPG - or Liquefied Petroleum Gas - can provide some attractive benefits. We take a closer look.

About LPG
LPG is the nearest alternative to mains fed gas supply and it is very commonly used in rural areas, particularly for homes which cannot be connected to the mains for reasons of geography, or for communities which wish to maintain and supply their own community gas supplies. LPG can be easily stored both below or above the ground in cylinders and it is delivered to the property via an LPG pipeline. This type of gas is both versatile and highly convenient. It can be used to fuel water heating, domestic central heating and cookers - with a controllable, real gas flame, for ovens, hobs and fires.

Security of provision is another great attraction of this type of gas, as the fuel tanks greatly reduce the risk of gas theft. This means that your supply is secure and kept safe at all times. It is also very convenient, as the tank automatically records when fuel levels are running low and sends an automatic re-order through to the supplier, so that you never run out. The supply is also very eco-friendly, as this type of gas has the lowest carbon emission of any type of fossil fuel available in a rural area today. There also tend to be other incentives on offer, such as fixed pricing for the first year and cash incentives for those making the switch, as well as free boiler installations. Your supplier will let you know which offers are currently available to you and help you to secure the best deal.

Thinking of switching?
It is easy to switch gas suppliers, as the supplier will manage the process for you. Firstly, they will assess your particular need and then talk you through the range of services on offer. They will arrange for your LPG tank and boiler to be installed and can provide a range of ongoing maintenance contracts to ensure that it continues to work as it should for a long time to come. They will also offer flexible options for payment, so that you can spread out the costs of your conversion over a period of time. You may be able to lease the equipment too, particularly if you are running a business or farm and there are specialist grants and energy loans available for those in such circumstances. Speak to your LPG provider to find out more and understand which services are right for your own individual objectives. You may also want to investigate community initiatives and see if there are any local schemes for collective purchasing, equipment leasing or other green fuel methods to support your main gas supply, such as solar panels and wind turbines, all of which are gaining increasing importance in a world keen to be self-sufficient, energy secure and environmentally friendly.

Jane Graves is a long-standing customer of LPG and knows how easy the process is when you switch gas suppliers. She believes that LPG provides excellent benefits for her rural property and offers excellent environmental credentials.

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