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How Parenting and Home Environment Influence Children’s Exercise and Eating Habits

>> Jun 25, 2013

Parenting styles and even the home environment determines the kids and the child’s behavior regarding their dietary habits and also their eating habits. Those parents who set up a healthy environment in their houses makes their kids aware of both the exercise habits and also their eating habits which they need to adopt to stay fit and healthy. Researchers have proved that those parents who themselves follow strict rules regarding diet and exercise can be a role model to their children.

With every second kid being a victim of obesity it is high time that parents make sure about the home atmosphere is the perfect one so that they can combat the obese nature which their children are being exposed to. The parents need to make their children aware of what obesity is and what its consequences are. Along with spreading knowledge about it they need to inculcate in them healthy habits of proper diet and regular exercises.

There are some simple guidelines which they themselves need to adopt in order to have the habits inbuilt in their children-

Parents must look into what their children are consuming
Parents must be extra careful with what their children are eating on a daily basis. They must constantly keep an eye that they are not resorting to the high fat no-value food like chips and sodas to quench their hunger and thrust.  They must keep an eye that their kids are not hitting the school canteen to satiate themselves.

Eating together and exercise together
Parents should fix a dinner time as lunch is always not possible so that the whole family can dine together. In this way parents can pay attention to the diet of their kids. Even exercise time should be a particular one so that the whole family participates into it.

Initiate your child to take part in all sorts of activities
Allow and motivate your child to take part in games and other school activities in order to keep them healthy. Sent them on summer camps and other workshops so that they don’t sit back ideal

Keep away junk food
Always keep healthy food in stock at home and also in the car. Avoid keeping of junk so that children do not get lured by them.

Don’t allow them to sit in front of the television or the computer
Most children who are seen to become obese are seen to sit back at home and watch television or surf on the internet. Make routine so that they do not spread most of their times on the TV set and computer.

Look good
Maintain a physic and become a role model so that your children get a motivation just looking at you. Climb the stairs, walk to the destination you have to reach or park the car at a considerable distance so that you kids do the same.

Those parents who are seen to maintain a healthy life style along with a healthy decorum in their homes are seen to have kids who are fit and healthy. So parents you first need to abide by the healthy rules in order to teach your children what is healthy.

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Staff Administrator June 26, 2013 at 12:32 AM  

mempunyai anak yg sehat sdh menjadi idaman seluruh para orang tua ya mbak Lin... :)

Dan kiranya lingkungan dan orang tua sgt berperan dalam proses utk mendapatkannya :)

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