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Do-It-Yourself Adult Stem Cell Multiplication

>> Jun 18, 2013

The latest technology makes it’s not impossible for you to Grow your own Stem cells.  In fact, some participants about 100,000 people –based on the LifePharm Global Network’s report- are presently growing their own stem cells in their residences and workplaces. This technology can be applied without the requirement of FDA supervision as it’s not a kind of medicine; it’s more like ‘life-source’ matter that contains the entire essential and non-essential amino-acids.

Stem Cell Therapy News can be a great source for you to know more about this breakthrough technology. For your information, Laminine is a unique matter that can help nourishing and duplicating existing non-differentiated adult stem cells –kind of pluri-potent stem cells that circulating in everyone’s body. As you may know, your body has its repair mechanism that usually becomes weaken when your age is increasing. In this case, Laminine will let loose this great repair mechanism inside one’s body; keeping you healthy and strong –physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Laminine has many Laminine Health Benefits to offer. It provides a huge amount of “Fibroblast Growth Factor” to one’s body; FGF is a substance that makes children grow fast and heal from tiredness as well as wounds -quicker than adult people do. The grown-up body doesn’t have Fibroblast Growth Factor anymore, unless you start taking Laminine.

The improved existence of FGF causes the cells to generate Laminin that leads to following events that result in rejuvenation of the organ and tissue where Laminin is like glue that holds tissues and organs together. Thus, the unaffiliated adult stem cells will be drawn to the Laminin and may multiply as new identical cells.

As product, Laminine is still marketed limitedly but has been protected and covered by 13 Pharmaceutical Patents around the world. You may visit LamininHealth.com/dc/ to get more detailed about Laminine Health Benefits.

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